How do I get website traffic?

Today I'll tell you how I get web traffic: 

Web traffic is traffic to my blog. I have almost 43.000 hits in 48 months that is in 4 years. I know it sounds like a lot 43,000 views, but it's only 800 views a month and if we round that up we get 1,000 on average. Which is relatively high. I am happy with the result, but it could be better. 

Why isn't it better??? Because you, who are reading this post, didn't tell me about my blog and that's why people don't know that it even exists!!! Please don't repeat this mistake and tell them. Not only for my sake but also so that people will know because it can really help them. Above all, tell so that as many people as possible will know. And also because you like my blog, otherwise you wouldn't read it. I love oral tradition. Because a good voice reaches 9 villages. And that's why you keep on telling. Thank you

How else could I get it? 

I think I already do a lot for my blog traffic, as I've accumulated all 43,000 views on my own and with the help of my snout, to put it really badly. I always ask people for their hobbies when I'm chatting to them on various apps and chat rooms and when they tell me theirs, I tell them I have 2 blogs and a farm. I also do a few other things, but more on that at the end of the month. And also when I'm out and about with someone in a bar or on the road or wherever I am I tell them what I do when they ask why I don't have a job. I mean, that's how I get an audience for myself. 

For every new post I also tell people on social media and immediately my traffic grows day by day. It's crazy that there are more hits on days when there is no post than on days when there is a new post. 

I think my blog traffic is doing really well and somehow I don't see any more opportunities that could speed it up or increase it even more. Except, as I said above, to tell you to go ahead for my blog. I would be very grateful to you. 

That's the end of today's post, if you're interested I'm available on social media or in the comments. don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter, that way you'll always be up to date! See you again in a few days.