Today I'm going to tell you some short stories. 

Laughter is a very important thing in life. So, it would be great if people laughed a lot more. You would probably laugh right away when your mum or dad told you a story about what you used to do when you were a child. 

The fact is that people only become aware that we are alive, somehow, when we are 6 years old. Some of us remember events from before, but most of us are aware of being in the world at 6 years old and remember many of the events we have experienced since then. Well, that you have experienced. In short, these are the things that bring a smile to your face on a daily basis. 

It is the same with pets or animals in general. In the zoo, on the farm and so on. There is always something funny in every single day. Even when you go for a walk and you trip over yourself and you're like, "Oh my God, I'm so passionate!" or "What's the unga doing on the other side of the road? And it is a funny example. 

I laugh a lot myself, sometimes because I don't want to cry, sometimes because I want to laugh a little, because laughter is half the health.  It bothers me because then one of them, when they fall down, is funny to me. Yeah, I know it sounds like I'm laughing at their accident or because they're really so funny. Well, it's not true, I don't laugh at it. And just as I'm writing this I'm reminded of an acquaintance who I really don't know her name. Shment. I'll never see her again apparently. It's really a pity. I hope she finds me one day. 

Anyway, to come back I wanted to say that I'm not laughing at your accident but I am laughing because I find it funny the way a person fell. Not the fact that she fell. Then a lot of people said to me that it was ugly because I was laughing at them. But I've also been told that if I had fallen and they had laughed at me, would I have liked it?? I always said, I would laugh with you too, because that way I would not feel the pain of falling and I would not cry. 

I am here to tell you a short story about my worst fall. It happened when I was driving around a house in a colossus and then, of course, I fell. I fell so that the chain from the bicycle cut into my leg. I had a hole 0.5 cm deep and it is still there today. And I didn't go to the emergency room and I didn't get stitches. It was healed in a few weeks. 

So laugh, there is something funny in falls too, whether they are yours or someone else's, there is something to laugh about every day, just look around you and you will find something funny to laugh about. 

That is how I have come to the end of today's post. If you are interested, please write in the comments. Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter! and confirm your gmail!!! We'll read again in a few days.