My failures- Time for me

Today I am going to tell you about my failures. 

I don't call my failures failures, I call them mistakes that I made so that I could learn from them. To say it again, I am not going to write about certain mistakes that I have made. Because I do not have them. 

Yeah, well, I have mistakes but I don't have failures. Yeah, I know, it doesn't sound logical. 

I, when I do something wrong or when I want to do something right, I check with different sources. So the internet, and youtube, which is the net again, but yes with different sources on the internet. I don't look at one source and say this is right or this is what I am looking for. No, because I want to know more about a particular thing. But it's true that now when I'm making a game I find one shot and I do what it tells me to do and then if that first shot doesn't help or the thing I want to do on the game doesn't work I look at other sources. And then I build the game that way and have fun. 

In case I get stuck I don't call it a failure or a mistake. I say okay, so I don't know enough about what I'm doing or I'm not being precise and professional. Yes, these are called key words. Sometimes people really don't know what they want to say and you have to find the right word for it. It doesn't matter what language. What matters is that you try to find what you are looking for with different word sequences. Because maybe Google doesn't know exactly what you want to find and you have to help it. Of course, first you have to define what you are looking for and what you want to find. How does Google know what you like? Or which page you used 3 years ago??? Describe the page remember the logo remember the pine tree remember what it looked like, the theme of the page. Chances are, if you remember more details, you'll find the page. 

In short, yes, we humans make mistakes. We only make them to become better people if that's what we want. And we have to learn from our mistakes. Nobody says I'll finish the game in 1 month, maybe I'll need longer. And every problem that comes up is a new challenge for me. To be honest I don't have even 1 problem with the game at the moment. There's just one mini thing I can't do, but it's part of testing the game, not part of the game itself. 

So if you make a mistake it's not a drama everything can be fixed. Well, unless you cheat on your husband or girlfriend. And if you steal something or cheat someone. Then fix it when you get out of jail. My advice. 

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