Bohinj Triangle Part 1. - Conspiracy theory

This is a conspiracy theory from Slovenia. In Slovenia we have a place called Bohinj: 

This is our beautiful Bohinj, and this is where this true story comes from. 

Six people are still missing in our only national park, five of whom have been traced to the wider Bohinj lake area. The unexplained disappearances of hikers, tourists and locals alike led the inhabitants of the Bohinj end of the lake to name the place the Bohinj Triangle decades ago, after the world-famous Bermuda Triangle, believing that people did not disappear by chance, but were drawn to the heart of the earth by supernatural forces.

This is the origin of a local tradition that tells of a married couple who were momentarily separated during a walk, the wife passing a rock on the way on one side and the husband on the other. The latter was never seen again, nor were his remains found.

The Englishman from 1984 has not yet been found

Way back in 1984, an influential 61-year-old Englishman, Wolfgang Blayberg, walked out of a hotel in midsummer and disappeared. Thousands of people searched for him at the instigation of the British government, but his body has not been found to date. A year later, 30-year-old local Branko Cesar disappeared, and in 1990, Hubert Schara, a well-known Ljubljana resident, disappeared in the Bohinj Triangle, but it was not until seven years later that his skeletal remains were found.

In 2008, a disappearance followed that was uncannily similar to Blayberg's. David Fox, a British minister and official of the United Reformed Church, went from the same hotel to the foothills of the Bohinj peaks and also disappeared.

Gregor Pavšič from Žirovnice, who went from Bohinj to Vogar in spring 2012, is still among the missing. On his return, he called his family and said that he was already walking around the lake and would be home in the evening. He was never seen again.

Around Christmas 2014, a 27-year-old local woman, Katja Sodja, also disappeared. She was not found in a large-scale rescue operation, but three months later, mountain rescuers spotted her body near Studorski vrh during a training exercise.

The last disappeared two years ago

The last person to disappear in the wider Lake Bohinj area was Aleš Komac, who lost all trace of him after descending from Triglav in 2016. He also had a dog with him, which was also never found, while 27-year-old German tourist Ilya Kozlovsky disappeared on his way from Bled to Triglav.

The latest disappearance of an American, Luskin, is also believed to be linked to the Triglav National Park, but this has not been confirmed. When he left Ljubljana a month ago, he headed for the park, but police have no confirmed information that he actually arrived there.

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