Now facts about me

Today I'm going to tell you some interesting facts about me that some people don't know and you might not know.

I have an ear; I don't know, not habitually, but I can sing and I can sing really well. I don't like to sing in front of others. I can even hit a note though if it's the first time I've heard a song. Yes a really wonderful talent that nobody knows about (until today). 

Women; Whenever I watch a series of a movie maybe it's a person from real life. It almost always happens that I connect with a girl/woman. Yeah well it's like I'm in love only I'm not. I mean I'm always attracted to female characters much more than male characters. It's really very strange at least for me. 

Creativity; I really like to create and I am extremely creative. That's why I write this blog and I have a lot of fun doing it. I would also like to change the logo of this blog. 

History ; I love history, not the history we learnt in primary school. It's more the archaeological history. I hate the one from primary school. I also love mysteries and everything that goes with it. And it at least touches on history. 

Crime novels; I love crime novels because there's not too much shooting and if there's a romantic element added all the better. I really like to watch series/movies that involve murder and that exploration of who and why. And it's good if there's a romance added to it, like the series Girl with a Perfect Memory or Aurora Teagarden, those kind of films and series are really top for me.

So, we've come to the end of today's post. I hope you enjoyed it and will continue to read my blog. ;) If you're interested I'm available on social media or in the comments. don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter, that way you'll always be up to date! See you again in a few days.