The Miracle Eraser - My stories

Today I'm going to tell you a story I wrote myself. I know you will like it so just read it!! Let me know what you thought of it in the comments. 

Let's get started!! 

The Miracle Eraser

Once upon a time, when there was no internet, there was a little girl called Iza. She wanted very much to erase certain people from her life, but she didn't know how. But she had two friends who stood by her side. Their names were Matija and Vid. Iza was very poor, so all she had at home was a pencil and an eraser. But she didn't know what to do with it, and after a while she had a thought: "Maybe I can erase the part of the person I don't like and draw the part I do like." 

So she did. Of course, she tried it first with her worst enemy, Cornelia, who was her neighbour, and who made her life miserable at every turn. And she did it the next day at school. She approached her and just betrayed her feelings for her and redrew her by changing the way she thought about her so that she was more kind to her. She betrayed all the evil in her and brought out the good side. So in the end they became best friends. And Cornelia had a puppy at home called Dino who barked a lot and had to leave. Iza was very sad because she loved him and she laughed a lot when she said: "I mourn for a dog that is not dead", which she thought was terrible. But everyone laughed at it, even the professors. 

But I forgot to say that Iza had a professor who didn't like her at all and she just erased his horrible horrible feelings for her and drew beautiful feelings. But what about when the side effect was that he was giving high fives to everyone in the classroom, just like that. Which soon started to annoy Isa, and so she betrayed the kindness in him and gave him back his meanness. 

Or so she thought, but the effect didn't quite wear off because the professor was behaving normally towards her for some strange reason. He was a professor of physical education. One day, as a joke, he said to the class, "I'm inviting you to movement lessons", and it was so funny that the whole school laughed. So Iza took an eraser and raided the school and drew a hotel which she ran herself. They even called it the soft hotel because the beds were so soft that they called them "the wicked soft beds", which meant they were really soft and that's why everyone loved them. Except for the older ones, of course, Iza sorted that out with an eraser and a pencil, because she turned them into teenagers. 

The hotel also had its own tooth-brushing salon, which every evening invited: "I invite you to have your teeth brushed", and everyone went straight away to have their teeth brushed, no-one was an exception. But Iza had a fan who wouldn't leave her alone. He didn't have a pretty face so in order not to offend him she told him that he had a "Slight beauty gap" which meant that he was ugly. But on the inside he was perfect, he was kind, gentle and everything Iza expected from her boyfriend/husband. So she decided to pick up an eraser and scratch his head and redraw him the way she liked him. She later married him. After work, Iza also had free time after work, which was very long for her and she called it "a fat two hours", which meant the whole afternoon from 2pm to 8pm, that is mostly until the evening movie and bedtime. 

This story came about during the workshop because we were writing stories. It was called the storytelling workshop. My job was to make a story out of funny sentences and what you just read came out. Tell me what story do you think you like??? Or maybe you didn't??? Would you like to read part 2 of the story??? Would you like me to continue the story??? Tell me all this in a comment Thank you!! And I'm not biting, in case you don't know. 

And that's how this post ended. 

So, we have come to the end of today's post. I hope you liked it and will continue to read my blog. ;)