A new member

 I went for a check-up and on the way back, my dad and I stopped by my friend's house, who I hadn't seen for a while. Her boyfriend's family have chickens and we went to look for them. And then she gave me this little ball of hair. 

So she was with me when I was out.

This cat doesn't have a name yet as I have made the big mistake of naming cats before I have even met them, so I'm in a bit of a pickle when it comes to finding a name for this cat. If you have a great idea for a name please leave me a comment thank you! 

The little one really finds herself crawling behind me all the time and weighing me down. They didn't get along at the beginning but 2 days ago Ravi started behaving normally around her and finally stopped being afraid. Before he was so scared he would fly away just to see her and of course she would go after him, she was really fast. 

I know I have written very little but I really have nothing more to say about the new member. Okay I can say that she is very sweet and in less than 12 hours she has become so attached to me that she is already following me everywhere I go. And when I go to the field I can of course leave her at home. I really love her and she loves me. I have not only a new family member, I have a new best friend. 

When I go to visit my mother for 14 days I will of course take her with me, because I don't have the heart to leave her home alone.

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