Dream your dreams! - Motivation

 Today I will talk about dreams. I always like to talk about dreams because I really, really like dreams. I dream during the day and at night what I say to myself at night I also experience in my dreams. I am practically in control of my dreams. 

These days I read this sentence: You do not have to live by other people's standards. Play by your own rules and do what you want.

For which I decided to write a special post on the subject of dreams.  

To continue, I love dreams, whether it is a dream at night or a dream during the day or a dream that I tell myself before I go to sleep. I literally tell myself a story every day before I go to bed and sometimes I fall asleep while I'm telling it. Before I go to sleep, I also tell myself something about events that I want to happen or events that are going to happen. Sometimes I just fantasise. But sometimes it happens that I dream these fantasies or events that I tell myself before I go to sleep. 

Now, back to the dreams that each of us has and that we don't just want to dream at night. 

I talk a lot to all kinds of people. I keep hearing that other people have decided what they are going to do when they grow up, and one day a boy said to me that it was his father's fault that he was the way he was and that he was unhappy today. 

That is not true, because nobody is responsible for our happiness but ourselves. Each individual decides his own happiness. Who are our parents to tell us what is good or not good for us? Remember, you are the maker of your own happiness and no one else! 

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