How to beat boredom?

 Today, a little about boredom. It's summer, so you're probably bored a lot of the time, and if you've been diligent at school during the year, you might be bored because you really deserve it. But I'll tell you some things I do when I don't know what to do or I'm bored. 

1. Read books that challenge you: 

I myself read books that my grandfather had. I have 3 books in my mind that spark me and ask deep questions in my life. 1. If you can't climb the wall, make a door. 2. Mind-set is everything. 3. Get up at 5 and the world will be at your fingertips (this book is really long 500 pages so I have been reading it for 2 years). These three books really challenge me and you would believe it. They change your life! 

2. Focus on yourself, who you are: 

I changed on Sunday and today, as I write this, I don't know who I am anymore. An acquaintance told me (when I mentioned to her that I had been seeing the clock 11:11 every day for several days in a row) that I was going to enlighten myself. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, it's new to me too. She also says I have 11:11 energy what that means I really don't know. She also says that I will be able to get over something (which I don't know what it is) and that it is a very difficult process. I think that on Sunday the world completely changed for me forever. So now I don't know who I am anymore. I can honestly say that. But I am glad that I have a person who has been through this process once before and is now by my side to understand me and to answer the questions that no one else can. She also says that we are the chosen people and that she thinks that I am on the way there and that one day I will be there because she is alone. I mentioned her 3 years ago in the carnival and the change and they are going to happen again. Most of you who read this now think I am crazy yes I really am. I think I am crazy too but in reality I am the normal one and you who don't understand are the crazy ones. But it's okay because that's the way it is. There is nothing wrong with people not understanding something!! If you do understand and you like what I'm saying, please write to me, because I'm interested in more!! thank you!!! (The exclamation marks are just for excitement, not exactly to tease!!)

3. Get outdoors (walk, cycle, rollerblade, skate, run, swim in a nearby lake): 

Nature helps us answer all our questions. How exactly it answers all our questions, I really don't know. But nature really relaxes people, so it makes sense to listen to it. Maybe it really does tell you an answer you haven't seen before. 

4. Watch a series you didn't have time for on the flight: 

Summer is a great time to sleep in and lounge in front of small screens. Because that's when we really have more time. There are no classes and no studying, and there are more opportunities to do something else. If you wanted to watch a series during the summer, now is the time. 

5. Do something you've always wanted to do (make sure it's legal, I don't want to be responsible for crimes): 

Summer lots of time, enjoying, the sea, the beach. You can always do something there that you have never done before. Can your grandma show you how to knit or sew or maybe crochet?? Who knows the possibilities are endless. So ask yourself, what do I want to be able to do when I grow up or what have I always wanted to do but never had the time??? Then do it! Believe me, it will come in handy. 

That will be all for this post I enjoyed writing and you enjoyed reading so we both win. Jes! See you again in the next post in 4 days. Don't forget to drop me a line if you know what I'm talking about under point 2, because I'm really interested and have a lot of questions. Thank you. Have a nice day.