Bohinj Triangle Part 3 - Conspiracy Theories

 He disappeared while walking around Lake Bohinj 

The Bohinj Triangle, named after the Bermuda Triangle, is still stirring ghosts: a psychic on the fall of Gregor Pavšič, his father pays for his insurance despite his disappearance.

BOHINJSKA BISTRICA - Even a year after his disappearance in the area of the infamous Bohinj Triangle, the family of Gregor Pavšič from Žirovnica has not lost hope that he will one day reopen their home door. In the past, there were rumours of supernatural forces that caused many people, including those who knew the area well, to mysteriously disappear. The remains of some were found years later by chance walkers or workers, while others were lost to all trace. Among them is 38-year-old Gregor, who evaporated on 29 April last year. 

He was searched for by sonar: 

After losing his job at the beginning of last year with a failed construction company in Kranj, he spent more time in nature, seeking inner peace. Gregor from Žirovnica, who was 38 years old at the time of his disappearance, headed towards the Bohinj corner before the May holidays. On Sunday, he called from Bohinj to say he was going to Vogar. At around 6.30 in the evening, he called again and said he was walking around the lake and would be home at 9.00," recalls Gregor's father, Srečko Pavšič. This was his last conversation with his son, who did not return home by the appointed time. Srečko waited another hour, but when he called his mobile phone, only the answering machine was on. At 10 p.m., he raised the alarm. "I panicked and called the police to try to determine his position on my mobile phone. The Vogel base station recorded the last conversation in the direction across the middle of the lake and further down the valley. A triangle," explained Srečko. During the first week of the search, rescuers searched the banks and the surroundings of the lake. A helicopter with a special camera that detects heat was also involved, divers searched the shoreline, a special unit of the Slovenian Armed Forces with sonar, and mountain rescuers searched the area around the lake. The next day, Gregor's car was found with his wallet and registered mail and work book in the back seat. The only possible clue they found was a packet of cigarettes on Vogar. The latter was sent for analysis and Srečko handed over his son's shaving kit to the police for a DNA sample. According to our reliable but unofficial information, the analysis of the DNA sample on the cigarette pack was not successful due to the weather, as the forensic experts were unable to obtain a suitable sample from it. 

Help from psychics: 

 Since the superstitions about supernatural forces in the disappearance are still alive, it is not so incomprehensible that the desperate family also turned to bioenergeticians and psychics for help. "One of them felt that Gregor was in Italy, but otherwise they basically said he was still alive. One psychic from Primorska wrote off that he had fallen somewhere and that we would not be able to get him. After that, we stopped going to psychics," Srečko confessed. I have switched off my phone, but we still pay for compulsory and supplementary health insurance. I was advised to do this in case I happened to be abroad. It is difficult. Such uncertainty. There is hope, but you don't know anything, you have nowhere to turn," he said. If he is not found, his Gregor will be officially listed as a missing person for at least four more years. "For five years you can't settle anything, not even an inheritance," his father explained. Under the law, the process of declaring a person missing can only start after five years from the date of disappearance. Father Srečko and his family are in a difficult situation. Even today, a year after the disappearance, when the phone rings or the doorbell rings, somewhere inside a candle of hope flickers that his lost son has come home. 

Supernatural forces: 

 Decades ago, locals called the mountains around the lake the Bohinj Triangle, after the world-famous Bermuda Triangle. They were convinced that people did not disappear by chance, but were drawn to the heart of the earth by supernatural forces. Local tradition tells of a married couple who were separated for a moment during their walk, the wife passing the rock on the left and her chosen one on the right. The latter was never seen again, nor were his remains found. The tradition of the Bohinj Triangle, which covers 40 square kilometres around the lake, is very similar to a true story that happened in 1990. Hubert Schara, a well-known painter from Ljubljana who knew the area around the lake very well, disappeared in the forests of Bohinj. On his way to the Savica waterfall, he and his wife took a shortcut through the forest, but since his wife was not skilled at walking in the forested terrain, or perhaps even had an evil premonition, she decided to walk to the waterfall by road instead. That was the last time the couple saw each other, and the forests of Bohinj hid his body for seven years. The remains were accidentally found about 100 metres from the ski slope through Žagarjev graben. His disappearance brought to an end the most mysterious period of the Bohinj Triangle, when six people disappeared between 1984 and 1990.  Among them, in 1984, the English tourist Wolfgang Blayberg, who was sought by thousands of people, and a year later, the local Branko Cesar. Their bodies were never found, nor were those of Marjan Pregl. Local resident Matilda Mahnič from Češnjice in Bohinj disappeared in 1987, her remains found by chance by the owner of a holiday cottage not far from her cottage. In addition to Schara, Croatian Vlado Poropad disappeared in 1990, and five years earlier, British priest David Fox, all trace of whom has been lost to this day. Until it is clear what fate befell Gregor, his story will become part of the mystery of the disappearances in the Bohinj Triangle. The Bohinj Triangle was the inspiration for, among other things, Ivan Sivec's detective story The Sunken Train, which I would also like to read one day. 

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