Everything is possible - Motivation

 Today is the time for a little motivation. Every month there's a post on this topic because I want to give you and me a little motivation and a new start. 

Since I need motivation, I am sure you do too. That's why this is a permanent monthly feature on my blog. 

To get back to the post. I read the thought: real change, lasting change, happens gradually! 

For me it means, when I started the blog it was a big change for me, even today the blog binds me to the really nice memories I wrote in it. But I also write about my experiences and events that have had a big impact on my life and have changed it for the better. 

Change happens gradually, and it has always been that way. We all know that money cannot be made overnight. Most of you reading this have forgotten that because the world is what it is and you think you can make mountains of money overnight, but you don't!!! 

I have been blogging for 4 years now and believe it or not until 2 years ago I had no idea that you could make money from it. I told myself it's just going to be a hobby and something I really love and enjoy. But when I realised that it was possible to make money, I started to look for information about it, which told me how to get there or how to achieve it and what I needed to have to achieve it. 

I always wanted to have a blog because I love to write and create. So it is possible for me and I am motivated by financial freedom, so I am not just writing one blog but 2. I hoped that this would help me reach this goal faster.

I am surprised that I am doing extremely well. Soon I will reach this goal and I will no longer live at the expense of the state! 

I heard a phrase somewhere: "If you are not a bit scared of a goal when you set it, it is too low". So give yourself a goal that scares you, because that way it will be easier to get there and you will learn a lot in the process. 

I'll be doing a post because I'll be answering questions from readers about me or the blog. So if there's anything you're interested in, please let me know in the comments (there can be endless questions, of course). Thank you. 

That'll be all for this post I enjoyed writing and you enjoyed reading so we/you/we both/we/you win. Jes! See you again in the next post in 4 days. Have a great day and keep it up.