How to solve problems efficiently?

 Today, I tell you my steps to solve problems. 

My personal view is that problems should always be solved in the same way. 

1. Find the problem: The most important thing is to find the source of the problem. Once we have it, we can figure out how to solve the problem. But we also need to find out the size of the problem, whether it is a small problem or a medium problem. But also how important it is to us, when it is solved and how much it affects our lives. Example: Broken car: a big problem? Of course, because you can't go to the shop and buy more than a few small things and one 2-3 big things, because it's important that you bring everything you buy home yourself, don't forget to take the bus, because not all shops are within easy reach. if you're without a car you have no transport, you can take the bus! It costs money! So it is also a financial problem. You've got the gist of the big problem. An example of a small problem is my grammar on the blog. Yes I have the problem that I'm really bad at grammar, I'm trying and with practice I'm getting better. So it doesn't bother me when something is spelled wrong or there are too many or too few commas. I didn't study Slovene and it wasn't my favourite subject at school, so yes I try to keep my posts grammatically correct, it's always something to work on. So this is a small problem. Because it's fixable, but I won't have to walk home because of it, like with a broken car. 

2. Think about solutions to the problem: It is important that when you find a problem you explore the possibilities of solutions to the problem. So, what can you do to solve the problem. Here you can use your brain and imagination or creativity, if none of these help then ask the internet. A great example of such a problem is my learning to code. I admit I know a lot about it and I don't know a lot about it, the internet is full of solutions to my problems, but somehow I can't find the right solution for myself so quickly. So don't give up, sometimes the solution appears when you least expect it. If you can't solve it yourself, ask friends or family for help. 

3. The solution: It's hidden at the end, because all you're doing is solving problems. Life is full of problems. There are always problems just waiting for you to discover and solve them. But you shouldn't call problems problems, you should call them missions and let the missions become challenges. That way I can overcome them more easily. And it's great to have a new mission every day, to enjoy life or to do something good for yourself or the environment or your family. Without missions our life would not be such a varied or interesting journey. There is always something you can do. Your mission can be to follow your dreams no matter what, or to let the world change you or even to be proud of yourself. I really don't know what your next mission will be and the challenges will definitely shape you into the person you want to become. Remember every person is their own person and that is all that counts. 

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