Even small steps count! - Motivation

 Today I'm going to tell you a story about how, when I was 14, I taught my boarding school teacher a lesson. But before that, I'll tell you a wonderful saying; stone upon stone, palace upon palace, grain upon grain, cake upon cake. 

I obviously have an incredible ability to teach other people, because I don't mean that to be bragging, but it's real. Anyone who meets me doesn't forget me for a long time afterwards.

The story starts when we had a workshop at the boarding school and each of us who were in the workshop had to write something nice about the person to whom the sheet belonged on a piece of paper. 

It so happened that this educator wrote for me that I had taught her an important lesson: Even small steps count! 

This is true because I myself support people breaking big goals into smaller ones and miraculously this goal seems much more achievable. 

You already know that I write 2 blogs. I have been writing these two blogs for 4 years and 1 year. I have never given up and I am always and at every step looking for new ways to improve them. 

I have been watching my English blog for a few days now and it is literally a success as it has 100+ hits every day, so far it has almost 15.000 hits and by the end of this month I expect it to have around 15.500. For me, it is a successful blog. In 1 year and 2 months it has so many views. 

The Slovenian blog is, of course, a different story, but it has nevertheless had almost 46 000 views in the 4 years it has been in existence. 

No matter what, I am still persevering and doing great. I'm not saying it's easy. I'm not. But it is a challenge for me to make posts at the right time, to look for useful content for you that helps me too. And to find things that might interest you. If you have an idea or an interest of your own, commenting is welcome. There are never too many ideas, only too few! 

I think I've given you a lot of motivation with this post to make something of yourself too and remember: Even small steps count! 

That will be all for this post I enjoyed writing and you enjoyed reading so we/both/you win. Jes! See you again in the next post in 4 days. Have a great day and keep it up.