How to stay focused - Tips

 Today, I will talk about focusing on the tasks at hand. By that I mean homework, studying or work. I have tried these few methods myself and they really help. 

Do you want to regain control of your time, focus on your work and do it to the best of your ability every day? Read these techniques to help you stay focused.

Find out which part of the day you are most focused

Our brains have a limited ability to stay focused during the day.

For some people, the brain is most responsive in the morning, for others in the afternoon, evening. So find out for yourself when you are most focused.

This will help you make the most of that time to do the work where you need the most concentration.

Start using the "do not disturb" mode

While you are doing important work, learn to switch off any electronic devices that might distract you.

Most people think they should always be within reach, but this is not true. If that's the case, it's because you've got people used to it yourself by always being available to them. Believe me, your supervisor and your customers will be more satisfied if you get the job done to a high quality and within the agreed deadline than if you are available 24/7.

Set a time when you will switch off

Find out what time of day you are least distracted at work and then do the work that needs your focus.

Most people start their day at work checking their mail and other messages. So you won't be disturbed. Maybe this is the best time for you to do the most important work. Check your messages later. You will be surprised how much you can get done in that time.

Plan your day the night before

In the evening, make a plan for the next day. That way you will be in control of events, not events in control of you. You will also find it easier to stay focused and less distracted.

Make sure you plan no more than 10 tasks for the next day, as others will fill the rest of your day with their challenges. Be flexible. Also, you won't get nervous because you wouldn't be able to do all the tasks if you planned more.

Learn to say "No"

You've probably heard this many times.

Many people have problems because they want to please everyone and grab every opportunity that is offered to them. The problem comes when they are no longer able to do everything. Sometimes even what they want to do because they have accepted a task that they do not want to do.

Learn to say "no" if you feel that a task, a request, etc., will be too much for you. Because when you say "no" to someone, you will be saying "yes" to another, probably better opportunity for you. Consider.

Be purposeful

The truth is that if you have to do something, you have to be purposeful. You need to focus and get the job done. 

There are no apps or magic tricks that can do all your work for you. 

So take your time and get the job done.  Remember that you are the master of your time.

Google helped me with this and I think it's great advice, so I've put it in this post. 

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