Menstrual pains

Today I'm going to tell you about some herbs that, in tea form, will help you relieve menstrual pain. This post is more than not for girls. But you guys can read it anyway, because this way you could save a girl some agony. 

1. Safflower: I am lucky enough to have this plant growing in my garden, in front of my house. It's great for balancing the monthly laundry. It helps with cramps, sometimes so well that your menstrual cycle stops. It comes back the next month. It's also great for people who, like me, have whiteheads on export, because it helps with that as well. I can really try it! The leaves are a little unusual in their heart shape. It has fine hairs on the top and is pleasant to the touch. It does not have much of a stem. Here is a picture:

2. Baldy: Yes, that's the name of the plant and it grows in a field not a meadow!! It is actually a weed so it grows in the field. You can identify it by its leaves which look like a heart. Here is a picture to help you see it:

It is also used for menstrual cramps and white flow. 

3. Yarrow: This also grows in the field because it is a weed. It has these white flowers and a strong stem so I recommend a knife or something sharp to pull it off. It helps to relieve cramps.  Picture:

4. Chamomile: It's true that this one also helps when you have a stomach ache and when you have your period. I used to drink it a lot when I was little. And it really helped me. But I didn't know that it was also used for menstrual pain. Now I know I looked in a book I have at home about herbs. It has flowers that are similar to the sunflower except that they are smaller and white. It helps to relieve cramps. Picture:

The same applies to all 4 plants I have described in this post. They are all harvested in sunny weather, dried in the shade and made into a tea to be drunk without added sugar. I know, yuck, you know, girls, for beauty you have to suffer, even with pain it's the same. 

So I have come to the end of today's post let's do it again in a few days. I know I've helped you so for more posts like this subscribe to the newsletter and stay tuned thanks!