My first funeral- Time for me

Today I will talk about how I survived my first funeral. Yeah I know it sounds like I died but as you can see I didn't hehe.

My neighbour's baby died and he was just over a year old. He was born in June 2018 and died on Saturday 25.1.2020, which was my 10 year anniversary since I came to boarding school but I left in June 2019.

To go back to the funeral, I didn't go to the funeral because I was so scared I was going to start laughing because I really don't want to cry. And I had my period when I'm already very sensitive. So I decided not to go to the funeral.

But I did go to pay my respects, and it was really horrible, but it was something new for me. The baby's name was Matic and he was choking, and the ambulance came, but too late. They did not manage to save the child.

But I went to pay my condolences because I have never had this experience before, as I have said many times before, it was 29.1.2020, it was a funeral. It is really sad that he died so young but there is nothing we can do.

I feel sorry for him and he was dear to my heart I saw him when he was little he really was a sweetheart. But unfortunately he said goodbye too soon.

But time does not stop and it goes on. So, let's move on to new ones hehe and let's keep positive thoughts. It can happen to anyone, but time does not stop and it goes on as we should.

When something like this happens yes take a few days and cry then keep him/her only in good memories, yes it's true you won't be able to hug him/her anymore but still he/she will always be with you and in your heart.

If you need a chat or some cool advice, just write to me. hehe