School my view Part 1

 Today I'm going to say something about school. 

I have been watching a lot of youtube lately and I come across different videos about school. But this year, before 1.9., I came across a video of a family with 16 children, and I was worried. I don't know exactly why. But the fear disappeared shortly after the video ended. 

I myself am not going to school this year for the 5th year. And I started to reminisce a little bit about when I was still at school. And I thought, what should the post be about?? I decided to make it about school and how I look at it now that I'm not in school anymore. 

I wanted to write about the good and the bad sides of the school, but I would spit on the school so much that nobody would want to go there anymore. So instead of spitting on the school, I will tell you why you should go. 

1. To get a profession and an education: That way, other people won't be able to bother you too much.

2. A lot of knowledge: At school you get a lot of useful and, of course, even more useless information. All of it will one day serve you, if not otherwise, for what you really don't want to be or what you really aren't interested in. 

3. Snacks: I know it sounds stupid, but when my classmates were asked one day what their favourite subject was, they said snacks. Yes I know it's not exactly a subject but it's part of the lesson so it counts and food is an important part of the natural cycle that's a fact!

4. Friends: we all have friends, and school is no different. It's where you can meet new people and learn new customs, as well as new loves and so on. For me, there was a time in Year 1 when you are new to the whole school and you don't really know anyone. I was lucky and 2 of my classmates were also ex-classmates from high school. But still, there were 18+ people there that I had seen 1 time in my life. It's a great time to meet new people. 

5. Organisation: In school you also learn responsibility and organisation, the more organised you are the better you do in class. It's not rocket science, but it's not easy to have control over all the tests and questioning. Organisation plays a key role in making sure you are on time. 

I promised to tell you my thoughts about school. I admit I miss it a bit, because I have a lot going on in my lair, but nothing to snore about. So I need to have a little more discipline, which I lack now that I am not in school. But everything can be done if you want it and if you have the will. So go cheerfully to school on Monday in 2 days and make sure there are no corrections or scoldings. That's bad, so do your best not to have them. The motto of my 3rd year was: Do everything you can to be bored in the summer!! Which literally means I don't want any punishments, I don't want any corrections and I want to enjoy my summer. Do it and have fun while you do it. 

That'll be all for this post I enjoyed writing and you enjoyed reading so we/both/you win. Jes! See you again in the next post in 4 days. Have a great day and keep it up.