Life is drawing without radar

 I read this thought and thought. 

It's real!!!

I thought, when was the last time I said to myself, "I really want to erase this part of my life?"?

Yes believe me it happened. But that thought didn't exactly remind me of myself. It reminded me of people who keep saying "My sister died in the war ma keri hypocrites". 

Yes, I understand you are not sorry for your sister, but you are a person in the future, that was there, even if I wanted to get your parents or your sister or whoever back from the dead, I couldn't, because it is not possible. I don't have an eraser that I can use to erase part of the lif and redraw it. I can hardly help you with that. 

The only solution here is to simply say that's it, it's over, let's move on. 

Yes, I admit that I often talk about the past. But let me be clear about something here! 

I don't talk about the past because I regret something I did (okay, maybe I do regret something, but who doesn't??) I mostly talk about the past just so that people today understand why I did or said a certain decision or thing in the future. 

Example: I am very happy that my grandfather is dead. I can't explain why I am glad he is dead except by talking about the past, because he is no longer with us today (good), yes in fact I will hate him forever. 

It really disturbs me when someone reproaches me or says you are living in the past I am not really living in the future, if I am living anywhere!

I only talk about the past when I can for the sake of explaining my own actions. And because I regret something or I want to clear something up with myself, I need a third opinion. 

That thought really made me think. It really is true. Think about it, when was the last time you thought of betraying something and doing something different???? Let me know in a comment! 

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