Obstacles on the way - Motivation

 Today I will talk about mistakes. The Slovenian Dictionary describes the word error as follows: 


1. that which does not conform

a) with a certain rule, a certain norm: to make, to correct a mistake; a serious, small, big mistake; his job is without mistakes; mistakes of newspaper language / linguistic, methodological, spelling, grammatical mistake / the main mistake of this film is its lengthiness

b) with reality, facts: there are many mistakes and even hoaxes in the book; mistake in the date / make a mistake in addition

c) with the required characteristics, the required quality: defect in material / factory defect in manufacture, production; defective goods, products

// usually with an attribute, characteristic which is not in accordance with the normal, healthy state, functioning of the organism: farsightedness, nearsightedness and other eye defects; organic, physical defect; defect from birth / has a speech defect, stuttering disorder

// warts and other beauty defects

2. usually with an adjective, a bad, undesirable quality, characteristic of someone, especially in a moral sense: his greatest fault is his lying; every man has a fault; he sees the small faults of others but not his own big ones / drunkenness, violence and his other faults

3. an act, an action which is not in accordance with a certain goal, a situation: he took advantage of his opponent's mistake and won; he made a mistake by this act; to commit a grave, fatal mistake / political, strategic, tactical mistake

4. tech. the difference between the actual, desired and the measured, obtained value of quantities estimate the error; measurement, illumination error not large; lower, upper error limit.

● exp. we learn from mistakes If someone makes a mistake in a job, in a task, he will be more careful to do it right the second time

♦ anat. lens error; phys. absolute error the difference between the actual and the measured quantity; relative error the quotient between the absolute error and the actual quantity, usually expressed as a percentage; mat. absolute error the difference between the true and the approximate value; relative error the quotient between the absolute error and the approximate value; med. cardiac error the maldevelopment or diseased change of the heart valves; sports. personal error in basketball the unauthorized obstruction, pushing away of an opposing player; printing. printing error

Dictionary of the Slovene Literary Language, www.fran.si.

We learn from mistakes, so don't make mistakes! Mistakes are a crucial part of our lives, so we need to make them in order to grow or learn from our own or others' mistakes. 

If we look at mistakes from a different perspective then we see them as opportunities to move forward and learn from them. This means that mistakes are not mistakes, but steps towards success. You know, when someone puts a log under your feet, you will never say it was a mistake, you will call it a roadblock! That's why there are no mistakes, there are obstacles or challenges or even bigger missions. If you look at mistakes as challenges or missions or obstacles then the world is immediately a better place. Because mistakes are no longer mistakes and they are an important part of your personal or business growth! 

To put it in my own words: There are no mistakes, there are only obstacles on the way to the goal that you can overcome, if you don't then you regress (you don't move or do nothing). In short, having obstacles on the way is normal and everyday, so don't feel bad when you come across an obstacle or a mission that you call impossible (mission impossible), but maybe it will become mission possible some day. 

It is best that I stop here, because it is not yet clear to me what I am saying. I know that you now have more motivation to make mistakes or to overcome your own obstacles on the path of life. 

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