The Universe Part 1 - Enlightenment

 Today I found something for you about the universe. I find it very interesting and I have no doubt that you would not. I also believe that we are connected to the universe. Although no one can imagine how big it is or what it looks like, we can all imagine it in our own way. So today, 5 ways the universe communicates with us. And the rest will come soon, because there's a lot more to say about the Universe. 

Still think you're alone in the Universe? Do you believe in coincidences? I believe that we are connected to the whole Universe and that it sends us messages, which some of us take as coincidence or meaningless.

Our Universe sends us messages, warnings, etc. in different ways.

The Universe uses many ways to communicate with us, we just have to pay attention to these signs and know what they mean.

Here you can read 15 ways the Universe communicates with us:

1 Recurring events

Have you ever found that certain events keep repeating themselves?

For example, you keep getting disappointed in love, you keep getting a recurring illness, the same disappointments ...

The Universe has something to tell you! Look inside yourself and see where you are making mistakes, what it is that is weighing you down, what patterns are repeating.

Once you know this, start making changes. Fix your mistakes, solve your problems, change your patterns to positive ones. You will see that events will stop repeating themselves when you realise their purpose, their lesson and start making changes on yourself.

2 Recurring dreams

Your subconscious mind is best connected to the Universe and it is through it that we receive our most powerful messages. Dreams represent our subconscious mind, so it is important to pay attention to them as this is how we receive messages. But there are other ways in which our subconscious mind sends us messages.

Intuition and dreams are the most powerful. You can read more about dreams here. 

3 Numbers

Seeing the same numbers often is a strong sign that the Universe is telling you something. For every number that we see several times in a row, the Universe is trying to tell us something, so it is important to remember these numbers and look up their meanings, you can find out at this link: Do you know what the angel numbers mean?

4 Synchronicity

Have you ever thought of a person and the next second they called you on the phone or sent you a message?

The same applies if you thought of a person and then unexpectedly met or saw them. In this way, the Universe is telling you that you are on the right path and that your thoughts, your choices, are correct.

5 To lose/find/break an item

Our connection to the things we own is really strong. So don't be surprised if and when the Universe sends us a message through them.

If we lose, find or break something, the Universe is trying to send us a message, look inside and see - why did this happen?

If we find something, it is related to our memories and your answer to your question lies in the memories you are hiding from yourself, so it is time to come clean with them.
If we lose something, it is time to stop and think about what is missing in our lives, in what area do we feel lost and need help? Once the answers are clear, it is time to start to clear your own path and also ask for help to help you find yourself in certain situations.
If we break something, it means that now is the time to leave the past and painful memories behind.

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