Depression Part 1 - Tips

Today I'm going to talk about depression, what it is for a little education. Depression can be a very dangerous thing and I want you to know when it starts and how you can get out of it. I will of course talk more about this in future posts but for today I will just talk about the symptoms. 

10 typical symptoms of depression

1. Feeling helpless and hopeless: A gloomy outlook on the future and the feeling that your situation will never improve. Feeling that there is nothing you can do to improve the situation.

2. Loss of interest in everyday activities: Most characteristic is a loss of interest in hobbies that used to be a big part of your life. It is accompanied by a feeling that you do not have enough energy or inspiration to pursue your hobbies. You also have a significantly reduced interest in social events with friends and in sexual activity.

3. Changes in weight and running: Depression can be accompanied by both severe weight loss and a lot of weight gain. Changes of more than 5 per cent in weight per month are alarming and, along with other signs, a warning sign that depression may be present.

4. Sleep changes: This serious mental health illness affects each individual quite differently. Sleep changes can take the form of insomnia or insomnia. Others may experience unusually long sleep - tiredness in the early evening and sleeping long into the day.

5. Feelings of anger and irritation: As it is a serious disorder, depression is characterised by serious and severe changes in behaviour. The person is very quickly affected, frustrated, angry or even violent. Tolerance is very low and tempers are quick.

6. Loss of energy: Feelings of physical, emotional and mental fatigue. The body is heavy and even the simplest daily tasks (e.g. going to the shops) can cause severe fatigue. The person needs more time for daily activities.

7. Self-hatred: As self-esteem is often affected in depression, self-hatred is a common symptom. It is accompanied by feelings of guilt and worthlessness. You often blame yourself, even for events that are not caused by your actions. You often make excuses for others and feel unwanted in society.

8. Unpredictable, thoughtless actions: These can take many forms and vary from one individual to another. Some people get into gambling or betting, others into speeding, drug and alcohol abuse or extremely dangerous sports.

9. Concentration and memory problems: Difficulty concentrating and making decisions - even the simplest ones (e.g. what to eat for lunch). Even the simplest mental challenges are a strain.

10. Unexplained pain: Pain affects different parts of the body, but most often comes in the form of headaches and pain in the abdomen, muscles and joints.

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You must have learned something new today, I certainly did. 

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