Games now teme

When I have time, I play games. I love playing them and I not only have a lot of fun, but I also learn a lot. Among other things, I am learning English by playing games. I am improving my memory and thinking logically. Yes, you read that right. Playing games is not just for kids, my mum plays them too because she needs to train her brain and it really helps her. Crazy who would have thought that gaming would have such an impact on today's youth and adults. 

I find it really interesting because gaming is a fun way to learn. There are more and more games because there is so much to learn. There are games because you learn how to look up foreign words and that is how you learn what they mean or how to spell a word, whether it is in a foreign language or in Slovenian. 

It really fascinates me, it helps me to have fun and to learn a lot of new things. Here is proof of the positive effects of gaming: The positive effect of gaming! The article is in Slovenian!

Now I'll tell you which 3 games I like to play the most. First of all, of course, is Roblox.

If you don't know it. It's an American app and it's entirely in English. It's where I learn a foreign language and have fun, it's important to know the basics and then you just play. I love the different games. The app has more in it than just one game. You could say there are more games than you can imagine and what I like most is that you never run out of them. But what I like even more is that you have an extra app called roblox studio, because you actually have the possibility to make your own game and of course make money from it. So you could have your own game on that platform. Does that sound fun and legal???? The best part for me is that it's free!!!! So you can make your own game and publish it on the platform, earn money and enjoy your life the way you want. Of course, you need to learn how roblox studio works first. Don't worry all the instructions are on the internet!!! I'm going to make a game like this myself, but of course I'm not going to stick to just one game!!! I'll let you know when I've made it. 

2. My favourite game to play is Minecraft:

I'm sure you know the game. Lots of people play it. I like it because you have to survive, I don't have a lot of experience so that's often a hindrance for me and most of the time I almost die because somehow most of the time I don't find many sheep I need 3 so I can make my bed and not die. That is a big challenge for me. But I like challenges and I like it when I can build things, I'm a creative person and that's really the law. 

3. The game I play is The sims 4

This game is not just a game, it is a story and I can influence the course of that story. I really like that a lot. I enjoy it and sometimes, because I am not paying attention, the story unfolds without me. I like that I can leave the sims alone and then they take care of themselves and I don't have to do much. 

That was my list of favourite games. If you're interested in a list of my favourite Roblox games, let me know and when I get another chance I'll tell you which games I like the most and why. 

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So, we've come to the end of today's post. I hope you enjoyed it and will continue to read my blog. ;)