How does the world work?

 It's a few years old, but it's still relevant, so I'm putting it here for you now. 

Today I tell you a thought that made me think: The world works the way we want it to work! 

 It's what Malchi said in the series Happiness Finds a Way (Porqe al amor manda). It didn't make sense to me at first, until it dawned on me.

The world works as we want it to work. This means that each person has the ability to decide for themselves what kind of world they want to create for themselves. What he wants to believe, what he wants to invoke in his life, what he wants to pursue, what kind of person he wants to be. 

 So, going back to the series, why did Jesus get this advice from Malchi? In the series, the main male character, Jesus (Fernando Kolunga), falls in love with Alma (Blanka Soto). The problem is that Alma is his boss. He is her secretary. What he doesn't know is that every day Alma is also falling more in love with him, and maybe even in love with him, than Jesus is. Jesus thinks that the world does not work in such a way that a secretary is in a relationship with a superior. Then Malchi tells him that the world works as the individual wants it to work. 

In my case, I know that there is a perfect man for me and I believe it. But I also know that there are good people in the world and sometimes they are quite ordinary (not super nice) but they have a good heart.

How would you like the world to work????

 Leave me your answer in a comment!!!!

That's it for today we'll read it all again in 4 days.