The Little Prince Part 1

Today I'm going to talk about the Little Prince. I really like this book and the film, so I decided to share some lessons from the book and the film with you.

6 Timeless Life Lessons from The Little Prince

From lessons on kindness to caring for our environment. The messages in this enchanting fairy tale are more relevant today than they have ever been.

The story follows a young prince as he visits different planets, including Earth, and explores themes of loneliness, friendship, love and loss. Despite its children's book style, The Little Prince makes observations about life and human nature.

The Little Prince teaches that the responsibility required by relationships with others leads to a greater understanding and appreciation of responsibility towards the world at large. The story of the Prince and his rose is a parable (a story that teaches a lesson) about the nature of true love.

The Little Prince has captured the hearts of readers around the world since it first appeared in 1943. Written by pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry during his time in America, the story was inspired by his experiences in the French Air Force. On the surface, it is a simple story, but the little prince is so wise that his messages of compassion still endure. Here are some of the life lessons we can learn from this charming story.

1. Don't get too excited about numbers

"Adults are very fond of numbers. When you tell them about a new friend, they never ask you the questions they should ask, like "What kind of voice does it have?" "What are his favourite games?" "Does he collect butterflies?" Instead, they ask: "How old is he? How much money does his father earn?" They really imagine that this is the best way to find out what kind of person he is!"

2. Watch the planet

"It's just a question of self-discipline," explained the little prince. "You take care of yourself first thing in the morning, brush your teeth and wash your face, right? Well, the second thing you have to do is look after the planet."

3. Judge others not by what they say, but by what they do

"My rose filled me with its fragrance, it brought joy into my life. I should never have left it. I should have recognised what a delicate sweet soul lies beneath all her silly games." 

4. Relationships make life worth living

"What exactly does 'tame' mean?"

"Well, that's too often forgotten," said the fox. "I suppose it means: to establish some kind of relationship."


"Yes," said the fox. "I'll explain. To me you're just a little boy like all the others, like a hundred thousand other little boys. I don't need you and you don't need me. To you I am a fox like every other fox, like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, you and I will create a relationship and that is why we will need each other. For me, you will be unique in the world... If you tamed me, my whole life would be much more fun. I would know the sound of your footsteps and I would be different from all the other boys. At the sound of any other boy's footsteps, I would quickly hide in my hole in the ground. But your footsteps would be like music to my ears, and I would quickly run out of my hole."

5. You cannot see the important things in life with your eyes, only with your heart

''When the little prince fell asleep, I took him in my arms and set off again. I was so moved as I walked. It seemed to me that I was carrying the most delicate treasure in my arms, that there could be nothing more fragile on the whole Earth. In the moonlight I looked down on that pale forehead, on those closed eyes, on those strands of it that trembled in the wind: "What I see," I thought, "is nothing more than a shell. What really matters, we cannot see with our eyes.''

6. And finally, don't forget to look up at the stars

''Stars mean different things to different people. For travellers, the stars tell them where they are, where they are going. 

The most beautiful quotes by The Little Prince

The Little Prince came among the people to open their eyes to the beauty around them that they cannot see. Let us listen to him.

People do not see the beauty of this world because they are blinded by their passions and their faults; that is why they are more distant from each other than the stars.

We do not take the time to know anything at all. They buy ready-made objects from merchants. But since there are no merchants to sell friends, people no longer have friends.

The secret is very simple: whoever wants to see must look with the heart. The point is invisible to the eye.

Whether it is a house, the stars or the desert... what makes them beautiful is invisible.

It is much harder to judge oneself than others. If you can judge yourself, you are a true sage.

You should only ask of everyone what they can do.

Words are the source of misunderstandings.

"People have forgotten this truth," said the fox. "But you must not forget it. You are forever responsible for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose ..."

"I am responsible for my rose ..." repeated the Little Prince, trying to remember ...

Today you have learned a little more about the Little Prince than you knew before. The Little Prince is awesome.He teaches us a lot about the world today. I keep wondering, how does the universe work? I honestly know how it works, but since I haven't explored it in detail yet I will keep you posted on all this. 

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