Weather I love - Time for me

 Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself and what kind of weather I enjoy the most.

I love the sun, but I also love the rain, especially in summer, because then I can dance in the rain with myself. But the sun, being me, can shine too! And it is very cheerful and warm, maybe too warm. But when it rains in the summer, the ground cools down a little and it's nice and warm but still wet. I don't know why I like it so much, but I like the coolness of the rain and you know: the sun always shines after the rain! 

The sun gives me an inexplicable happiness and joy because it is warm and it surrounds me with joy and warmth and I am very happy even in winter.

Winter is a magical time of year for me. I look forward to it every year because it's snowy and it's cold and it would be great if I wasn't alone, because that way I could snuggle up with someone. But winter still makes me happy and joyful. I wrote in my final practical exam for pastry chef that I love winter because when I look at the snowy landscape it seems like it is not from this planet and it is really very magical. When you're in a warm car and you're in a jacket outside and it's cold snow and you can just look at it through the car windows and marvel at how beautiful it is and how beautiful nature is when it's snowy. Personally, it takes me far away, not to another planet in another dimension, I am no longer on this planet at all. 
So which weather do I like??  I like snow very much because then instead of dancing in the rain I dance in snowflakes. 

Did you know that no two snowflakes are the same? 

Snowflakes are really great and I love it when it snows and when the snow whitens the villages and towns and this snowy landscape is magical. 

The rain in the summer is amazing, it cools off amazingly but it's still warm and a little cooling off doesn't hurt anyone! 

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