5 steps to a great story Blogmas#19

Today I will tell you the 5 steps on how I write a good story. 

Step 1: Theme

You need a good topic: a love story, a Christmas story, a lovely event; the possibilities are endless. 

Step 2: Characters

Who will be the protagonists, who will be the antagonists and who will be the antagonists ?? The main characters are the protagonists, the antagonists are the antagonists (villains, bad people). 

Step 3: Draft the story

How will the story develop? Dramatic triangle- it's more for novellas, but I think it's pretty well understood here. Plot - how will it unravel then? Something brief, roughly what it should look like. And what should happen.

Step 4: The story

You write a first version of the story.

Step 5: Details

You read the whole story again to see if you have made a mistake. If something doesn't sound the way you want it to. Details. Screenwriters always have some corrections because they don't like it and they fix it a thousand times. YES, the first version is not always the best. But sometimes it is, so I put it on your heart that whatever you correct, you never delete. Maybe you'll need it again. You never know. 

That concludes today's post. See you again tomorrow.