Advent Blogmas#25

Today, a little about Advent. 

It is important to pause in our lives and reflect on our spiritual life and our relationship with God and neighbour.

The meaning of Advent

The Latin word "adventus" means "coming". In Christian language, it refers to the coming of Jesus Christ. The Church's liturgy calls the four weeks before Christmas Advent and sees them as an opportunity to prepare for the coming of the Lord with hope and repentance.

The liturgical colour for this time is purple, which means serenity.

Advent is a special time for Christians because it invites us to remember the past, encourages us to live in the present and to prepare for the future.

The threefold purpose of Advent:

To remember the past: to celebrate and reflect on the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. The Lord has already come and was born in Bethlehem. He became incarnate, a man full of humility and poverty. He came like any of us, a man among men. This was His first coming.

Living in the present: which means that every day of our lives we experience the "presence of Jesus Christ" in us and that He is present in the world through us. To live in righteousness and love, always awake; to walk in the way of the Lord.

Preparing for the future: let us prepare for the "parousia", that is, the second coming of Jesus Christ in the glory of His glory. Then He will come as Lord and Judge of all nations and will reward with Heaven all who have believed in Him and lived as faithful children of the Lord and good brothers to others. We are waiting for His glorious coming, which will bring us salvation and eternal life without suffering.

In the Gospel, Jesus Christ often speaks to us about the Parousia, saying that "we know neither the day nor the hour" when it will happen. That is why, in Advent, the Church invites us to prepare for this event by reviewing our past and planning for our future.

Review: We should use this time to reflect on how good we have been so far and what we will do to be better than we have been. It is important to pause in our lives and reflect on our spiritual life and our relationship with God and our neighbour. We can and must be better every day.

Planning: In Advent we need to plan to be good, not only in this season, but all the time. We need to think about what costs us the most and draw conclusions so that we do not fall into the same mistakes.


Advent is the four weeks before Christmas.

Advent is a time of preparation, hope and repentance for our sins, looking forward to the coming of our Lord.

In Advent we prepare for Christmas and for the Second Coming of Christ into the world, when He will return as King of the whole universe.

This time is an opportunity to reflect on what our spiritual life has been like, our life in relationship with God, and an opportunity to repent anew.

It is also a time when we can chart the course of our lives and decide how we can become better than we have been.

Let us guard our faith

At this time of year, we are bombarded with advertisements for shopping for all sorts of things and invited to all sorts of celebrations. All this can lead us to forget the true meaning of Advent.

Let us do our best to live this liturgical season in a deep, Christian way.

In this way, we will spend the Lord's Christmas being taken over by Him who is the Lord of Christmas.

So today's post is over. I'm enjoying it. Blogmas ends today!! I know I'm sorry too. It has been varied but very interesting. I really can't wait for next year. When I will write for you again! And there will be one more post before the end of the year. See you then!