Being without dreams - Motivation

I read somewhere the thought: 'A poor man is not a man without a penny, but a man without a dream.' I myself am very much in favour of dreams, and I know I am not the only one. I know that it is very difficult to follow a dream, but if there is anything worth living for, it is for dreams. I could never say that I live to survive because I have so many things I want to achieve that one lifetime seems really not enough. Thankfully, I have learned that it is not the only one I have and will live. That is really comforting. 

Despite everything, I know that dreams are the law and I know how much energy and strength I was able to put into living the dream myself for 4 years (when I was an amateur actress). I had to study a lot and do assignments and I don't know what kind of things and it was all miserable but it was worth it because I knew that if I was diligent I would be able to go to rehearsals and do something that would make me happy. 

I'll tell you my story of why it means so much to me that people follow their dreams no matter the cost or the risk of losing their dreams (If you haven't made the commitment then you can't go to rehearsals, which means you risk not being in the show). You really don't want that! 

When I was little and barely got into boarding school, everyone told me to get a hobby. But I didn't want to! And they said, "Go to yoga, aikido,... I went to everything I could. But I didn't like anything! 

And they figured out that I liked swimming, but eventually they stopped it. Then they found some possibility of recreational swimming at the Faculty of Sport (I stayed there, for 2 years). In between I was at the Pioneers' Home. 

Then I found the theatre. Basically, he found me. I stayed there for 4 years. During that time, of course, the educators told me to learn to do this and that. I shouldn't go because I didn't have time and I should finish my school work. Desperate! Finally I find something that I really enjoy and after years of searching they would take it away from me! No I didn't give up and so when I was a 3rd year I said stop it! And I did all my commitments and was very diligent in school and so I only missed 1 day of rehearsals out of all the rehearsals we had. And that's only because we went to Vetrovnik that day with the boarding school and I couldn't be in 2 places at the same time! 

So moral of the story: Never let anyone take your dream away from you and fight for it until the end! Because that's the only thing that really counts!

See you next year.