Best Thoughts on Christmas Blogmas#17

Today I will share with you the thoughts that I like the most and that make me happy, whatever situation I find myself in.

1. Sometimes it's good to pause in the pursuit of happiness ... and just be happy. Yes, I am happy at the moment. I have enough worries that I'm kind of putting on the back burner, and so I'm happy in the moment. What makes me happiest are people who look happy and cheerful. That's lovers and cats ( I know they're not people, but they're living creatures). 

2. The past should not be a shadow that follows you every step of the way. My eyes still live in the past in a way and it bothers me. I look back sometimes too, but not because I want to change anything. Because I want to understand why everything happened and how I ended up where I am. So I look back so that I can briefly tell what I went through to be the person I am today and because I want to clarify for myself that there is a logical explanation for most things and it all made sense ( Gee, I'm getting complicated, I don't know if you understand anything yet). 

What I am trying to say with the picture is that the shadow should express the future and not the past. 3. When it smells like snow outside, a song is heard from towns and villages. Let the palm of your hand caress the people of the world, let Christmas be a sincere Christmas full of hope. All we have left is hope for a better tomorrow. 

Never lose hope!!!! 4. Our future depends on many things, most of all on ourselves. We should all be aware of this, don't do something you will regret the next minute. I am aware of this, but sometimes I forget. I could do much better.

That is how I see my future. 5. In 2021, may your heart play anew, may sadness not know your address, love, happiness, health as much as possible, I wish you that from the bottom of my heart.

This is my greeting for you. It is truly from the heart, have a Merry Christmas. See you tomorrow!