Ever wondered how blogmas gets started? How long does it take me to make one?? Or maybe how do I even get ideas for it???

If you've asked yourself all these questions, today I'm going to tell you how a blogmas is made. 

Let me start by saying that this is a really long process and blogmas does not happen overnight. 

I start working on the blogmas - looking for ideas - in the summer. Sometime in August. You know there are only 24 posts and it's not a bit of work. You have to start preparing earlier. 

I mean, in August I look for ideas for it then I find them somewhere by November or October and then in November I start writing posts for the blogmas. A month before the actual start of the blogmas. 

I notice that the post is very short so I'll tell you a few more interesting things: 

1. I am writing 2 blogmas this year because I have 2 blogs so the posts are doubled!

2. I've been writing blogmas since 2019, back then I wrote one for each day on the fly. At that time, I had internet problems one day and I didn't have to do the post. And it was on time to post so the same year I invented my tradition on my blogmass and that is the challenge. When I was without internet I made a challenge, a day without internet, that's where this idea came from. That first year I also learned that it is not wise to write a blogmas every single day, because then it will happen again. The day I had a day without internet I didn't really publish a post, or I did, but with very short content and then the next day I had to do 3 posts for 2 days back for the day before and for the current day. That's when I realised that it's better to have posts written in advance and then gradually publish them until Christmas. Since then I have at least 1 week or more of pre-written posts so that if I don't have time the post is on the blog anyway. That will be the case this year and all the years after that. 

3. This year I am writing 2 blogmas in a row. And on this blog on my Slovenian blog it is already 5 in a row.

I know you liked the post let me know in the comments if you found it interesting too. See you again tomorrow!!!