Do I like to be alone? Blogmas#2 - Time for me

Today I will answer your question. Do I like solitude? 

Of course I do, because I am in the process of enlightenment/spiritual awakening and I really need time to myself and meditate. I like to be in nature because I also meditate if my dad and I go to the fields. 

Time alone gives me a lot of new insights, but I also like to be alone because I need to get to know myself and get busy. I love my imagination because I can really do whatever I feel like doing in it. This includes, of course, fantasies and the thought of realised dreams or the life I would like to have one day. 

Some people are afraid of being alone because they think nobody likes them or they are not interesting enough for other people to want to spend time with them. I know this situation, having lived it myself for 4.5 years. I felt really alone. I mean, I was actually alone most of the time at school. When we had to pair up, I was the last person that other people wanted to pair up with. Luckily, in 8th grade I got a new classmate who I still keep in touch with. I also did a play with one of my classmates. I haven't seen the other classmates for years. 

Being alone is not a terrible thing, everyone has to go through it alone, as the Buddha said: 'I can tell you how to be enlightened, but you can walk the path alone.' 

So now I have told you how you can be alone and that it is nothing terrible. Just remember that this person is invisible and that other people may think you are crazy or insane! For me, it's not crazy, I'm always talking to myself. We are very intelligent people! So who cares if they look at you like that, it doesn't matter, let them still think for themselves and everything will be fine.

 I often reflect on certain situations when I talk to myself and try to understand what is the purpose of such situations or why they happen to me, what do I need to learn from them? And why am I going round in circles? What am I doing wrong? 

So I spend quality time with myself, how do you spend quality time with yourself? Tell me in a comment.

See you tomorrow!