Free day! Blogmas#18

Today is a new day so I decided to share my day off with you. I got the idea entirely from a planner I have. Anyway, it says you can so don't panic, I've added some of my own ideas for the day off. 

Today I have no plans and all the time in the world!

  1.  Listen to loud music.

  2.  Sleep.

  1. Laugh. 

  2. Sing out loud. 

  3. Dance. 

  4. See the stars.

  1. Run around the lawn. 

  2. Pick flowers:

In the process, connect with nature.

  1. Watch romantic films.

  2. Paint your nails. 

  3. Do nothing.

  4.  Bake chocolate cakes. 

  5. Lounge in a hammock. 

  6. Ride a bike.

  1. Treat yourself to a beauty treatment. 

  2. Go to the cinema. 

  3. Cook with your best friend.

  4. Write a blog post. 

  5. Remember a new board game and make it

  6. Go for a walk in the woods/nature.

So that's today's post, the end I'm enjoying.  But since it's blogmas we'll read again tomorrow! So don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you'll have posts in your gmail inbox every day of blogmas!