How to write your blog? Blogmas#8

Today I'm going to tell you the five key steps to writing your blog. 

1. Ideas: If you don't have ideas, it's very hard to write anything. Keep a notebook because you will write down ideas. I have two. One is for a Slovenian blog and the other is for an English blog. I also have one with notes for the blog and one for goals for the blog. 

2. Niche: Choosing a topic is very important, if you don't know what to write about, how do you think other people will read it? You don't need to choose a topic that you know everything or nothing about. Pick a topic and make it a little bigger. Because the more you can write about a topic the better. 

3. Choosing a platform: I love Blogger because not only do I save a lot of money I find that it has a lot of features I didn't know existed. It will also make my programming much better for once. 

4. Persistence: If you stop writing a blog it's just bad. I persisted. Why, because the more I wrote the more views there were. Yes there are days when there are fewer views. But there are also days when there are more. If you give up quickly then it's better not to blog. Because a blog needs constant updates. You see there's always something new with me.

5. Reasons why I would like to write a blog: You can think about that for yourself. I know why I blog and I know where I'm going, it's time for you to figure it out too!. 

Have you decided to write a blog now?? Or do you need help with ideas or promotion??? You've come to the right place and I can help you. All you have to do is find me on social media and write to me. Then we'll get started right away. Cheerful to work!! 

And to you, who didn't decide to do it after all these great reasons, we'll read again tomorrow!!!