Mind and ego - Blogmas#12

You will never be FREE from them! 

Today, something about the mind, which has been on my mind for a while now hehe. I can explore it and I think that in this article from ( spirituality.eu I've been reading it a lot lately) lies the answer to my question: how to start awakening spiritually. 

Let's continue, right into the article. 

We came into the world, not only as a physical body, which is made up of approx. 37.2 trillion cells, which is determined based on the number of all the organs in the body and the types of cells. The human body is made up of certain chemical elements in different proportions (Wiki, 2018).

It is also made up of the mind and spirit, astral and mental bodies. Similarly, as the physical body is an instrument for functioning in the world of materiality, the astral body is an instrument in the astral world. Phenomena in it are the cause of psychic states; psychic phenomena may be said to be "materialised" in it. The mental body, the seat of the intellect, is an intelligent organism living on the mental plane. This is even more subtle and refined than the astral, and both are rarer than the etheric. The mental realm, again stratified into a greater number of concrete-mental sub-planes, is also called the celestial world, because of its fewer restrictive laws and much greater freedom. On the mental plane the ropes of interpenetrating thoughts manifest here as concrete forms, similar to those on the astral plane, except that here they are not so amoeboid, flowing into one another, but more regular, symmetrical and stable, most often geometrical. Each thought is concretised, forming an elemental. It is an intelligent structure made of mental substance, with its own colour, shape and life force (http://www.prisluhni.si/index.php/kdo-smo).

Why not make use of all this?! Why is it that most people who flirt with spirituality are convinced that our minds need to be silenced. And why is it necessary to suppress our ego? And why it is necessary to be humble in spirituality and not to be "greedy". I myself am convinced that throughout history the explanations of spirituality have been a little "lost", or interpreted in their own way by certain teachers and passed on in their own way by the disciples. And in all this, it was the mind that played the main role, interpreting the wisdoms and stories in its own way.

Have you ever thought about how many enlightened people there are on earth, those who have reached the stage where there is no more ego and no more mind? How many? Jesus, Buddha, ... Why are you constantly fighting against that which has a purpose? Why do you fight against the mind, against the ego, if they have been given to us for a reason, and that is to use them? They both have a purpose.

The mind is given to us to create, to plan... We are given thoughts to express our emotions. And emotions are what we use to create our lives, says Bucevic A. So there's no point in fighting our thoughts, because we'll never win that battle. Among other things, Bučević A. also talks about the fact that the true spiritualists are those who rule their own mind and ego, not those who want to be free from it.

So, we work with the ego and use our mind. This is a fact. Some people use it more and others use it less. The important thing in all this is to be aware that we are working with the ego, we are working through the mind, but we have to keep it under control. We have to govern it.

The ego is a kind of trigger. It can motivate us, it can catapult us, even if it is with the intention, "Well, now you'll see." It has a purpose. Just like thoughts, they too have a purpose and we can control them too. We know that there are positive thoughts and there are other thoughts. It is up to us what we want to think. Will we think good thoughts or bad thoughts? Our well-being and consequently our life depends on our thoughts. Think about it, how could you live a joyful and full life if you are always complaining? If you see the bad in everything? If everyone threatens you and wishes you ill? Who can possibly be happy and ultimately free under the weight of such thoughts? And vice versa. Can you imagine a person who sees the good in things, who looks for the good in people, who makes good things out of situations... can you imagine such a person being unhappy? No. He controls his thoughts. He pays attention to the good, the better, the positive... because he doesn't want to feel bad. Because he is aware that his thoughts affect his life.

You will always have thoughts. Everybody has them. Even the Buddha had them. Even E. Tolle has them, Neal Donald Walsh and D. Cophra...everybody has them. But they are ruled by them. And we can learn to rule our thoughts. To begin with meditation. Little by little.

Stop fighting thoughts. We are mind, spirit and body. It's up to you what you do with it.

I have learnt a lot of new things and so have you. So today's post is over I am enjoying it.  But since this is blogmas we read again tomorrow! So don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you'll have posts in your gmail inbox every day of blogmas!