My first Christmas Blogmas#23

Today I'm telling you how I spent my first Christmas. 

You probably thought it was very beautiful and wonderful. Unfortunately, it was not.

The story starts in December 1999(I was 9 months old), I got very sick, so my parents took me to the nearest health centre, to my doctor (the same doctor is now my personal doctor). When I got to her, I dyed her black t-shirt white (well, I'm not very proud of it, but I brushed it ups), and that's how she discovered I had Rotavirus. This is a life threatening disease for children my age. She immediately referred me to UKC Ljubljana, but as they didn't have an ambulance available it was a real stroke of luck that my eye had a car licence (and the car itself). He packed me and my mum up and we were off to UKC Ljubljana- Slovenia, but as my eye was 5 mins late they said if he had brought me in I could have died. 

Now you probably know how I spent my first Christmas. 

Yes that's right in hospital I fought for my life and as you can see I won the fight because I am still here with you. 

I love writing this blog and even though it is sometimes very tiring and I don't know what I am going to write, it is still worth it to write for you and brighten your day. Maybe I'll give you some motivation sometime (I give it to myself when I read an old post), or I'll tell you something because you don't know yet. All in all, I really enjoy it! 

Even though I didn't spend my first Christmas the way some, well most, people did, I'm glad to be alive today and to help you with your problems, or at least to tell you what you can do to make it easier. 

That's all for today, if you want to tell me something write me a comment, otherwise read again tomorrow!!!