New Year's resolutions Blogmas#22

An overview of the pledges since last year: 

My vows: 

1. Make money online; I know it's the same every year, but for next year I have a feeling that I'm really going to make it, because you know, I'm still a little bit short (yeah, I didn't quite make it, but this year I have the same plan and I really can do it, otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do (I'm going to punish myself!)). 

2. Learn to code; at least two more languages that is; Javascript and python. (I started to learn Lua language). 

3. To live my dream: This is really important to me, as you already know, and I will do whatever it takes to do that too. (I do it all the time).

These are my main goals for next year. But here I will add 3 more goals for my blog: 

1. To get more followers; I have a new update coming soon that will allow you to quickly sign up for the newsletter and become a follower of mine. (I only managed to do it this month it's really bad for some reason, but it's not just my blog I notice that others have problems too

2. Posts: will come regularly every 4 days. (I have done this and it will be true for the future). 

3. Make money out of it: Of course, it's all about making money. I can live on something too. (I have also done this and will continue to aim for more).

So I've reworked my goals backwards and there won't be any new ones, because these are already quite enough. But if there is a new one during the year, I will of course tell you next year. But it's the same all the time because I really want to keep these vows. 

That's it for today, we'll read it all again tomorrow!