Where do I get blog ideas? Blogmas#21

Today I will talk about my blog. 

I'll tell you where I get the ideas for my blog. 

A lot of ideas for writing come straight from my head, when I have something going on or I want to share my opinion about something with a wider audience. I also write when I get a crazy idea and I really want to share it with you. 

I also get ideas from reading foreign blogs, e.g. English blogs. I get some ideas from Pinterest. Most of you know exactly what I am talking about. If you don't know, never mind, I will now briefly say a few words about this web app. 

Pinterest is a web app where you can find all kinds of ideas for lunch, dinner, Christmas cards, blog posts, ideas about how to make money on the internet... If you don't have this app yet, make sure you download it because it is very useful.

My story of how I started using Pinterest is short. It started when a friend showed me the app and I found out that a lot of people had it. As a result, I wanted to have it myself, so I downloaded it. I soon realised that I didn't know how to use it and found it boring, so I uninstalled it. It was a few weeks or months later when I wanted to find out again what this app was actually for. So I downloaded it again and was on my phone until 11pm that day. I really liked the app more and more. I have been using it regularly ever since. If I open it, it's hard to get back to focusing on real life and doing something useful. Now I only open it when I'm in the car waiting for my father and I don't know what to do. If I find something interesting, I save it in my browser and read it when I get home or when I have time. 

Planners; I look for ideas here too. I have a planner for schoolchildren which costs €9.99. It has a new thought in it every week, which gives me inspiration for a post. I write down every thought, you never know when you will be able to use it for your blog or story. You can buy it at Hofer or Lidl every September. Maybe even in both

Ciciban, Bim Bam and other magazines. It's enough just to flip through the magazine and have a quick glance. If I like something, I write it here in my blog. 

That's kind of all the sources I get ideas from. I think you can hardly find them anywhere else. Yes, I agree that there is sometimes something useful on Tik Tok too. The problem is that you can get too distracted there before you find the right idea. In short, it will take up a lot of your time.

That's how I got to the end of today's post. I know you took a lot away from it, because I did too. 

So that's the end of today's post, I'm enjoying it.  But since it's blogmas we'll read again tomorrow!So don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you'll have posts in your gmail inbox every day of blogmas!