Which is my favourite colour? Blogmas#24 - Time for me

My favourite colour is: Yellow. 

It's the colour of the sun. I love the sun and I love sunsets and sunrises. And other things to do with the sun. 

People say that when I walk into a room, the sun shines. Every time I come somewhere the sun magically shines or the snow falls and then it's a really beautiful landscape. I am actually bringing good luck. 

I am a good luck charm myself. Having me in your life is a huge lottery hit. Many people do not realise that. 

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, light and optimism, the colour of spirit and intellect. It is a colour that invigorates, activates and frees from fears.


It stimulates our mental faculties, creates mental agility and perception. Yellow offers hope, happiness, playfulness and fun.


From a mental point of view, yellow is creative, it is the colour of new ideas, it helps us to find new paths, new ways of doing things. Yellow is the best colour for creating enthusiasm in life, it can awaken greater confidence and optimism.

It loves challenges, especially mental challenges. It helps us to make decisions, to concentrate and focus, to study, and it is useful at exam time.


People who are going through a big change in their life do not handle yellow very well at that moment. They have difficulty coping with all the changes which lead to stress. The introduction of green and soft orange should help to balance this.


The positive qualities of yellow are: optimism, playfulness, enthusiasm, fun, humour, confidence, originality, creativity, wisdom, logic, etc.

Here's the meaning of yellow, if it's your favourite colour: Yellow for focus

Yellow is a happy colour. It helps with focus and concentration, where the rule is usually - the brighter the better. But beware - too much yellow makes people anxious. So keep the accessories yellow, not the whole outfit. Or worse - all the walls in the room. Yellow is also the favourite colour of people who like to share their knowledge with others. These are people who are naturally cheerful, happy, positive, don't moan often and don't even think about depression.

If yellow is your favourite colour, it means that your friends have already given you a positive nickname - Sunshine, or something similarly sugary. But it's all completely genuine, people like to hang out with yellow lovers because they're always up for a good time.

Underneath this joy, however, there are also some less pleasant characteristics: strict self-criticism, perfectionism and impulsiveness, which manifests itself in making hasty and often rash decisions. At the same time, lovers of yellow always rely on their wits - they rely on their minds to solve problems, much more than on their physical strength.

Now you know a little more about me than before.