First funeral this year

Today I'm going to tell you what has been happening to me over the last few days. 

Some really nice and interesting things have happened to me that I would really like to remember forever. 

Let me start with a more pleasant topic. On Wednesday 3.1.2024, my grandmother (my father's mother), if she were still alive, would have celebrated her 93rd birthday. She was born on 3.1.1931. 

For this purpose and because it was her birthday, my father and I visited her grave. She died on 18.2.2023. 

But something unexpected happened there. 

I myself do not have a great need to talk to the dead or to pray in front of the grave, but that day I felt a strange urge to talk to her (in my mind, of course). I did so, and while I was talking I felt her presence and a feeling that I should go on. So I talked to her until my stepfather arrived, and in the meantime he went to pray at the grave of his uncle, who died on 17.1.2023. 

There was a rainbow in the sky across the whole sky at the time I was in the cemetery. If you know what this means, please let me know in the comments. Thank you

When I talked to her I also felt that she heard me and knew what I was talking about as well as that everything I said was true. The feelings were incredible and I have never felt them before. And I really can't describe them (in fact, sometimes I feel like I'm making it all up, but I'm not). 

The next day, 4.1.2024, I went to the funeral of my father's uncle, who was a pilot and helped in WW2. He was a legend and did a lot for Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia. 

There I learnt something about my grandmother (my father's mother). She also meditated and had delusions about the spirit world and what really exists. 

Crazy really, I thought I hadn't inherited that and now I have learned that it is possible that I have. This discovery is really interesting. That's why I wanted to share it with you. 

There was a post planned today about karma but nothing so it will be in the next post in 4 days. It was much more important that I write it down now before I forget. And now that it is written I will never forget!!! 

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