Mountains or coast - Time for me

 But today you will get to know me a little better than every month. 

I'll tell you the answer to this question: would you rather live in the mountains or by the coast?

I love the sea, but I also love the mountains. I am afraid of heights and I am afraid of drowning in the water while I am diving. I love summer, but I also love winter. I love the views, but I also love the beach and the water. 

So where would you rather be?? 

I love the water because I am a Pisces by zodiac. That's why I can't live in the mountains because I would miss the water. But I can also get a view by looking out into deep water, or into the distance of the sea to another land that can be seen in the distance. 

Definitely on the beach as it is more relaxing and gentle and summer is really great. I can't wait for summer to come when I can go swimming and snorkelling and things like that. I'm hardly ever bored anyway, because there's always something to do. 

I haven't been to the seaside for a few years. To be honest, I can't wait to go, because last year I realised that when you touch the sea you literally have contact with the whole world. I didn't realise that the last time I was at sea. Next time I am there, I will be aware of it and it will be a completely different experience. 

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