What is beauty? - Care for yourself

Today I am going to talk about beauty. Not so much about outer beauty as inner beauty. 

People are really beautiful on the inside, each and every one of us. When I worked in a retirement home in the dementia ward I learned the meaning of true beauty. I never understood why old people who are ugly are told they are beautiful?? 

Then I worked with them myself and I realised that they are really nice people. That's the real beauty, and soon I told them they were beautiful myself. 

Sometimes when I get to ask guys who would like my picture: would you like to have a smart girl being that ugly or a pretty one being that stupid? 

You won't believe most of the time the answer is ugly but smart. I know logically it should be the other way around. But it's not, fortunately they're not that screwed up. 

This test really proved that people prefer smartness to beauty. 

Inner beauty is really the law. But most people don't have things in their head that are smart, and I don't have them in my house. But it is much easier to fix that than the junk in your mind or in your head. 

My eyes keep saying to me: 'Eva, come on, we have nothing in the house, nothing is tidy, what kind of room do you have, what will others say? 

I always say it is much worse to have clutter in your head and in your mind than to have it physically in your flat. It is possible to tidy up the mess in the mind and the head, but it takes a lot of time and work, which most people do not have or do not want to tidy up. So don't worry, because it will be ok, it's not a rush to get anywhere. 

What would you prefer? A messy flat or a messy head? And would you rather have a girlfriend/boyfriend who is ugly but smart or a girlfriend/boyfriend who is pretty but stupid???? Leave your answer in the comments! Thank you. 

So that's it for today, we'll read it all again in 4 days.