Ideas on how to take care of yourself- Taking care of yourself

 Today I'm going to talk about taking care of yourself and give you some more good tips that I use when I want to have time to myself. I know that being alone is a problem for many people because it is something we don't like- being alone, feeling abandoned and lonely. 

Taking care of yourself does not mean being abandoned or lonely, it means taking care of yourself and being more in touch with yourself. When I was younger it was terrible to be alone, but now it is no longer a problem for me. I have realised that it even suits me and that we all need it. I am an only child, as you probably already know. I am often alone and now I am fine with that. I always find something to do and have fun with myself because I know that nobody is watching me, but because I am really shy I am still ashamed of myself. oops. 

Anyway, I'll tell you some of the things I like to do when I'm alone. 

1. Bathing: Who doesn't like warm water? When I'm at my mum's I take an hour or more (I don't know how much time passes) for a bath every 2 days. At my dad's I only have a shower. And so I have a nice relaxing time in the hot water while listening to music and trying to think of nothing by singing. 

2. Reading: I have a really big and long list of books I want to read and it's getting longer every day, maybe one day I'll share it with you. Books are great they kind of open up a magical world of imagination and you land in a new world. It's kind of funny but when you read a book there is literally a story playing in front of you and you read it and you still see it, it's like watching a cartoon or a movie. Amazing and priceless at the same time. 

3. I watch series: I know it's not really self-care but it's something where I can retreat and put aside the everyday problems and sometimes a series gives me the answer I'm looking for in real life, it's amazing. 

4. Meditation: it's literally thinking about nothing. I have always been able to consciously think of nothing when I make a decision. I didn't know it was really meditation. But when I started asking the angels questions, or I can say the whole universe (the universe), I started to pay attention to the present moment. How to be in the here and now and observe around me, to hire signs from the universe and from the angels about my answer. Which can be anywhere from numbers, music, license plates, people saying something, really anything. I can talk about this some other time. But meditation in general helps to calm the mind and our thoughts. It can help us to get to know parts of ourselves that we don't know and have not been accessible to us before. Like magic. 

5. Animals: I love animals and nature. When I don't know what to do I go inside to get some sun or to see where I have a living creature cats or curs it doesn't matter. A lot of people say to me, "Eve go into nature!!! I always answer no I don't need to I just open the door of the house and I am in nature because I have the biggest garden in my neighbourhood in front of my house and then my colleague can never find me??? So I don't need to go far to be in nature, when I need it it's at my fingertips and I always breathe my own air! At least when I'm at home! 

I've told you some ideas of things I do when I'm alone or need to forget about everyday life. We all need it at some point. 

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