Peter Pan

 Today I will talk about Peter Pan. You know the story, and here's something interesting about him that I'm sure you don't know.  

I did not know either, but now I know. 

The Peter Pan complex

Are all children meant to be so confused? Suddenly thrust onto the path of adulthood, the track of responsibility. Without textbooks and manuals to guide us and to confirm the theories that are written in them.

Suddenly we are placed at the gates of this huge world, suddenly forced to take decisions that will dictate the rest of our lives. We should be shaping ourselves into a figure of exemplarity and independence, but at the same time we do not have the experience to express our opinions - at least not in the world of decision-makers. We are trying with all our might to control the chaotic flow of life, to put things right, to put an end to inconveniences. Among all the moral and growing-up responsibilities, such as rules of good behaviour, etiquette and culture, we must also find a suitable education or profession that will not only suit us, but also our parents, grandparents and, last but not least, our neighbours (just what will others say?!).

Anyone who is not accepted in society is in a great quandary. But anyone who does not want to be accepted in a society based on lies and manipulation, where everyone is trying to turn you into the person you do not want to be, is in a much bigger predicament. It is all well and good when you are separated and trying your best to fit in with adult society. The problem comes when you stop worrying about what others will think. The trouble comes when you start investing in your own growth. When your main goal is to accumulate knowledge and discover your soul - that, my dear, is when you become controversial. They don't want to see you successful or happy. Least of all happy. They want you to constantly strive for something greater, something unattainable, while you compare yourself with others, while you complain about how difficult your life is and complain more and more every day. It would be a noseful for them to see that you only care about your own well-being, about the good of nature and the good of the universe. They would condemn the moment when you start thinking with your own head and passionately defend your views. But the average citizen just needs to be calm and settled, without any superfluous thoughts that might make him actually think. They would do well to see him age into a discontented bumpkin who no longer sees flowers around him.

But it is all too much, and no one has told us that the world of adulthood we have been waiting for so eagerly is in fact one big mess. We were promised that we would find ourselves when we grew up, that we would know what we wanted and what our mission was. That we would know which path to take, that we would know right from wrong and that we would develop into independent, determined, healthy and, above all - watch this - happy people.

But all this is a lie. Life is just an illusion of responsibility. We are still lost, only our lies are becoming more convincing. We can't find meaning in life, we just go along with the routine and pretend that this is 'real adult life'.

So you, little rebel, wherever you are, keep up your rebellion. Don't take to heart what society thinks. I repeat: don't bother about people, their comments or their judgement. And don't let time blur your fervent rebellion.

Avoid pursuing and engaging in shallow conversations that lead nowhere. Invest in yourself, in your soul and your brain, improve yourself and develop a personality so radiant and independent that all those who wanted to see you defeated will be surprised by your ability. I have confidence in you. All you have to do now is to grow.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to pretend. I will remain a child. It's easier that way.

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it."  

- J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

That's it for today we read it all again in 4 days.