Reviews - Time for me

 I think it is time to talk about a very important subject. Criticism. 

They are part of our lives, they are always with us, they are always with us. Today, I am going to tell you how I deal with criticism and what exactly I think about it. I am answering this question: Do I take criticism well?

I myself think that criticism is a reflection of the other person, not of me personally. So someone who criticises me is in fact criticising himself. I have something that he/she does not have, or something that he/she would like to have but does not have. That is why it is easier to criticise me on the Internet, because it is possible to be anonymous, than to criticise me in person. 

Many people probably think that in person I would never give my opinion about a thing, at least not honestly. Or they think that I am different in person than I am on the blog. Or maybe they think that in person I would never jerk off to someone telling me what I'm doing or why you're not at work? I could be at work and not at home. 

I don't know who they think they are, but I will tell anyone what they are up to and, if necessary, berate them in front of everyone! I am not just one person. I know what I want and I fight for it. I know why I make a certain move (most of the time) and I know where I am going. Those who think otherwise are not my problem. I am me and I have enough courage to face such a person in person. 

I have always known that critics are a reflection of myself. They never talk about me, they only talk about themselves. 

I think it was a friend of mine who kept telling me that writing a blog was pointless and that I would get nothing out of it. One day she said that I was going to make money out of it, and I was furious. And she was telling me how it's pointless??  You see that's a reflection on her, she's not going to do it and she's not going to have it. 

Sometimes I wonder why and what exactly do critics get out of insulting others? Why can someone else suffer alongside them? You shouldn't have to choose what you do and don't do!!! No one is going to tell anyone to insult someone because they can't do anything anyway. They can't really do anything to you because it's psychological violence! So don't criticise rather talk about your trauma or problem that you have !!! That's the only way you can get proper help! 

Critics do get to me sometimes, but I have learned in my life that I don't care what other people think of me. People will always talk. There is even a saying: "A good voice goes to the ninth village, a bad voice to the ninth country". 

So I benefit more from a bad voice than a good one. 

With that I will end today's post and we will read it in 4 days.