Change my life

Today I tell you about a change in my life, or how a spiritual awakening (what buddha and jesus achieved) changed my life. 

To begin with, my spiritual journey started about a year ago (21.4.2024). When I wanted to commit suicide. Because of my mother. I don't like to talk about it but it is crucial for me. 

From that day on I am not the same anymore, that's when I started to see 11:11 on the clock every day. Every day, at some point it seemed very strange to me like it was not a coincidence. I had an acquaintance who I could tell what was happening to me and it really became strange. And she said to me Eva you are having a spiritual awakening and it was happening to me too. She is now an enlightened being (she has reached nirvana or a higher state of consciousness, as well as buddha and jesus). In short, this is how I found out that I was having a spiritual awakening and that my soul was awakening. 

What does it mean that my soul is awakening? 

It means that the soul remembers where it really comes from and that the unconscious mind is awakening (the unconscious mind is when you shift gears like when you learn to ride a bicycle and then that is stored in the unconscious mind and you know how to ride a bicycle after you learn how to ride it because it is automatic now and you don't have to think about it, if you started you would quickly fall down on the floor). The soul knows where it comes from but it can only reach nirvana in the physical body and when the physical body dies. 

You are probably wondering how exactly my life has changed now because of this? 

It has changed a lot. 

I started seeing 2 numbers on the clock: 12:12, 11:11, 13:13, 14:14, etc. 

2. I started to see and read the meanings of the animals I saw. 

3. I am present in the moment: I see and hear everything. I am not absent I am present and I notice and hear more than others think. 

4. I feel the energies of the people around me 

5. I am no longer interested in many things: I don't want to argue, I don't want to do what I don't feel like doing at a particular moment, I don't rush, I don't say what I don't want to say. 

6. I have control over what I say: I can choose my own words because my mind doesn't predetermine them, when I say a thing that someone doesn't expect and then I fuck up their whole system. 

To sum up what happens to me I am different from most who read this blog or this exact post in general. I can explain it with the sea. Most of you who don't understand what is happening to me are on the waves and I am in the deep. You can't get to me and I can do tsunamis to you on the waves (I'm fuking up the system because you're on automatic). That is the difference between you who know what is happening and you who don't. If you happen to know what is happening to me, write to me so we can talk about it. These are deep topics and most people do not like them. 

I know the ending is always miserable for me too but yes the end of the post is here and we will read again in 4 days and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date.