My morning routine - Time for me

Today I will tell you a little about myself. Yes, I know I talk a lot about myself every month, but that's good, because it's a way for you to get to know me better. 

Everyone is always interested in what I do in the morning. My morning routine varies because I don't like some constants and it's always the same. I mean, some of the things I do are the same, but most of them are really not similar to the day. 

When I wake up I have to go to the toilet first (so I know I am awake). I also brush my teeth and feed my two cats that are left. Then I go to check my phone to see if there's anything new and, when I answer all the messages or when I realise it's almost 8 o'clock, I close my phone and remember the question for the angels and ask the universe for the answer, which I then get during the day by being present in the moment (i.e. I meditate briefly in the morning). 

When it's almost 8 o'clock I get dressed and my dad and I go for a coffee because he checks the daily horoscope and I answer the messages that I didn't have time for in the morning and then, if I have the will, I read a few more pages of the book, which is in physical form and I always have at least one with me. This usually takes the whole morning. In between, we go to the shops or we have a chat with other people in the pubs, and in the summer we are out in the sun. I can't wait for it to be warm so I can go swimming. And so I've been active in the morning. 

Then I come home and eat what I bought in the shop for lunch or wait for my dad to cook breakfast or even cook a little something myself. While I eat, I usually watch series or films. If I feel like it I go out on the balcony because it's sunny and I'm sunbathing or I go to the barn because I'm meditating again. 

When I get hungry again, I eat again. Without overdoing it. That's kind of how my days go. I know it's not exactly the morning routine that is really too short, but it's a kind of summer routine that will soon start to wrap up and I really can't wait for summer. 

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