Single or in a relationship? - Time for you

There are people in the world who are in relationships and people who are single. Many of us have probably come across the question of which is better. You have probably also listened to or read some of the controversies on this subject, which have sometimes turned into a verbal showdown between those who are tied and those who are single. Here, the coupled are usually seen as happy and successful, while the single are seen as the complete opposite of all that. Such controversies also tend to happen between people with children and those without, but that is another topic. The fact is that there is no single answer to this question, but it all depends on the individual, the time, the situation and much more. People are not all the same. For some people it is not a particular problem to be alone for a short or even a long period of time, and for others it is uncomfortable if they do not move around in certain social circles all the time. But both have their own reasons and priorities for their choices. Common arguments for being in a relationship are. 

 Many people are fulfilled by a feeling of love (not infatuation, that's another matter), closeness and belonging. In today's world of internalism, when many people keep more to themselves, it is nice to have someone to go back to, to trust, to open up to or to talk to about this or that. Many studies also claim that a happy and fulfilling partnership has a positive impact on health, reducing the chance of anxiety and depression, and improving communication and compromise skills. 

Certain things are easier to do as a couple. And of course I don't mean sex, that's just the icing on the cake when everything else is sorted out, but helping each other with everyday matters and problems, advising each other, building a future together and complementing each other. In the past, the financial aspect was also an important reason, as women did not have the physical strength to do all the work, and they were also in a weaker position financially, as it was the man who brought home most of the income. Some of this remains today, as it is much easier for two people to share expenses, care for the family, credit, etc. 

 There is no room for egocentrism and selfishness in a relationship; these two need to be pushed aside so that compromises and joint decisions can be made, sacrifices and renunciations can be made, and the partner's needs and wishes can also be met. All this can then also have a positive effect on one's relationships with other people with whom one comes into contact, which means that one can also become a better person. Of course, despite what some people claim, there are also positive aspects of single life. 

 Single people have more time for themselves, but also for friends and primary family. During this time they can explore their wants and needs, find out what makes them happy and what does not, and they can also undertake any form of education, go on a trip, experience a new adventure. Being single also allows you to make contacts and friendships of your own choosing, which is usually not possible in a partnership. In addition, they can live at their own pace, setting their own time for their activities without rushing or waiting, which is a rare commodity in modern times and often not available to most of us. 

For singles, not having to spend it on living together can leave them with more finances to spend as they please, while at the same time having more time to themselves. More time can also mean more time to devote to their careers (and also to take some risks, regardless of what their partner thinks), perhaps even to do some odd jobs, and to earn extra money, which is a welcome stepping stone to creating the conditions for a possible relationship later on. 

 With some discipline, single life can be an opportunity for a healthier life. We can indulge in the food we like best, we can take up some form of exercise, we can do some longer physical activity that requires more time, such as hiking, cycling, etc. 

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