The power of thought

 Today I will talk about the power of thought. I found this on the net but I really like it, so I'm going to share it with you. 

 Do we create thoughts or do thoughts create us? How do thoughts work?

All humans together form a collective consciousness, this is the shared energy of all humanity, connected on countless different levels and different vibrations. Each one of us has many different connections, family, friends, work... and through these connections our thoughts travel and even more powerfully create connections between certain people.

Thought is an energy that is creative, because every thought causes a certain reaction.

It is like casting a fishing rod and then what we catch we draw to us. In this way, thoughts attract certain situations, people, etc. into our lives... it is important that our thoughts are positive, because that is how we attract positive people, events, etc.

Let's see an example in practice. A guy likes a girl and decides to become a couple. Maybe she doesn't even know him, but he is already creating a film in his imagination about their life together... and eventually he has lived it all so many times that he is convinced that his wish will come true. Since his thoughts have reached this girl, unilaterally but intensely, a thin energetic bond has already been created between them and there is a high probability that they will meet soon. And when they do meet, and the boy, because of his belief in success, comes across as very confident, there is a greater chance that a relationship will really begin to develop. Of course, it is up to the girl to decide, but because of the confident performance and because of certain energetic threads that have created a certain shared energy at a micro level, this probability is higher than otherwise.

With the creative power of thought, we attract into our lives those persons or situations that are real for us, that have some real basis.

For example, if someone is out of a job and spends all day on the sofa daydreaming about a new car, it will be very difficult for him to attract such a situation into his life, because it is not real, no matter how intensely he directs his thoughts, because they cannot be linked to a tangible situation.

In one village, there was a young man who developed into an excellent football player. Soon he was the best in the town, his career soaring. Just as he was dreaming of million-dollar contracts, packed stadiums around the world..., he broke his leg and ended up becoming a postman. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being a postman, but it's not what he wanted. And so we come to another very important thing. The blueprint of our soul, our mission in a particular life. Certain things we have earned, certain things we have not. So if we think so intensely about the things we want, some of them cannot possibly come true, because some of them are meant for us, others are not.

The energy that everyone emits is the bond between all those we are connected to and so we are on an energetic level in the flow of an energy that identifies us. Our energy, in turn, influences our thoughts. When we have high and clear energy, we feel good, we are happy... and so we also generate positive thoughts. When our energy drops, our well-being deteriorates significantly and we are already generating thoughts which in turn attract worse things into our lives. So it is essential that we learn to keep our energy high and clear.

A very illustrative demonstration of the power of thoughts are fears. When we don't want something to happen to us because we are afraid of it, we create with our thoughts exactly what we don't want. When we have thought about what we are afraid of, we have sent our thoughts to certain situations, persons... and we have attracted into our lives exactly what we do not want.

It is not only thoughts that in some way create our future, but also hold our past. Living in the past is a heavy burden. To separate ourselves from the past, it is necessary to let go of the past and detach ourselves from it mentally, emotionally and energetically. This is when we no longer think about the past and are no longer burdened by it.

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