Write a story- Challenge

 Today I have a challenge for you. It's called. 


- Choose 10 words that you see around you, whether they are things or animals or objects. It doesn't matter what as long as they make as much sense as possible. They may not be from around you and they may be random. 

- Then write a story out of it. Don't think too much because it will ruin the story. 

- Write things down on a piece of paper or on your phone and then let your imagination and your mind do its thing, let it run wild! 

I'm adding an example because my friend wrote a story out of the things I had set out. She had free rein and she could write whatever she wanted. 

Words: Cat, pants, food, computer, commercial, dish, tiramisu, blanket, clock and fireplace. 


Good morning, good day. The time was ten in the morning. I woke up very late today. Lili was lying at the end of the bed. She usually comes to wake me up. She comes to wake me up there at about six in the morning. But last night we went to bed late, and that's why we slept so long today. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom and changed out of my pyjamas into a warm tracksuit that I have hanging on the radiator. I went into the kitchen and looked in the spigot to see if there was any fire. There was, and I threw in a couple of small pieces of firewood to get the fire going. This time I took a plastic container out of the fridge and there was tiramisu inside the container. My favourite dessert and I made a coffee to go with it.

It was cold outside and I looked at the thermometer to see what it said. It said minus one. I looked out of the window to see what the weather was like outside. But it wasn't very pleasant to go outside. I peeked into the room and I looked to see if Lili was still asleep and she was. I went back to the kitchen where coffee and tiramisu were waiting for me.

It was warming up in the house really well and really quickly. During breakfast I switched on the computer and did a bit of "surfing" on the Internet and I saw a commercial for a theatre. I love going to the theatre. I like to go to see old folk tales. I saw that there is a performance at the Ljubljana Theatre on Saturday at seven in the evening. I booked a ticket for that performance. I also wrote on my calendar for this performance on Saturday, so I wouldn't forget. And I will get the ticket in the post.

After a long time Lili just came into the kitchen, she just came to see me at the table, she went round my chair twice and went to the sportsget and lay down and rested some more.

The story came out really great. I really liked the challenge it was really great. Subscribe for more content like this to keep you up to date. See you again in 4 days.