9 signs of inner peace- Care for yourself

 Today, something about inner peace. About how we always achieve or find it. 

Are you quickly thrown off track by everyday situations or have you found peace within yourself?

They say that change is the only constant. Life surprises us all the time with challenges of one kind or another. We may be facing problematic relationships at work, struggling with financial problems, or it may be our health that is causing us grey hairs. Many of us are facing difficulties in our partner relationships or high demands at work.

Whatever we may be facing, we can roughly divide ourselves into two groups; those who are stressed most of the time by external circumstances, and those who manage to find inner balance and peace no matter what happens to them. The latter get through life more easily and are generally happier. It is not necessary to have been born with the skill of inner peace. Many have deliberately honed this ability later in life. So what characterises individuals who have achieved a state of inner peace?

1 They are non-judgmental

Judging is an activity that most people engage in. Constantly finding fault with others as well as with oneself can be very tiring and only lead to a worse mood. On the other hand, people who have found peace within themselves do not feel the need to judge. They have learnt to be lenient both with themselves and with others. Because they have learned to forgive themselves for the mistakes they make, they are better able to do so when it comes to others. Such people believe that each person acts as best he or she can, in accordance with his or her abilities, past experience and beliefs. Rather than judging others, they try to see their positive qualities. They try to understand why someone acts the way they do.

2 They are not in constant worry

Most people, although they may not realise it, live in a state of constant worry about everything that has happened, will happen or may happen. They have thousands of scenarios in their head of what could go wrong and what they need to do to avoid it. Individuals who have achieved a state of inner peace have shaken off these worries, at least to a certain extent. They know that life is unpredictable and that there is no guarantee that everything will always go smoothly, but deep down they believe that in the end everything will work out the way it is best. They have a trust that everything happens for a reason. They have learned to accept situations, whatever the final outcome. This mind-set puts them in a state of flow and acceptance, and as a result, situations tend to work out better for them than they would otherwise.

3 They live in the moment

Because their minds are not constantly preoccupied with what has happened and what will happen, individuals who have found peace within themselves can be much more focused on the present moment. They can notice many things that others do not and enjoy the here and now. They see a beautiful sunset, people smile, feel the raindrops on their skin, really taste their favourite dessert and their heart skips a beat when they hear their favourite song. Because their minds are not occupied by worries, they are all the more open to all the beautiful things life has to offer.

4 They live in a state of love

Individuals who have found inner peace feel love within themselves most of the time, both for themselves and for others. They feel how we are all connected, how everything happens for a reason. They accept themselves and others and want to make genuine contact with everyone who comes their way. They like to brighten up the day with small acts of affection for others.

5 They love being in nature

People who feel at peace within themselves love to spend time in nature. They feel that it gives them positive energy. It helps them reconnect with themselves, even if they sometimes lose touch. Nature, with its balance and perfect order, is an example to them that, if we can only notice, it is the same in each of our lives.

6 They don't feel the need to prove themselves

People who have achieved a state of inner peace do not do things to be praised or to be important in the eyes of others. They are happy with themselves, they know who they are and they stand up for their values independently of the opinions of others. They always try to do the best they can, but their motivation for doing so comes not from the expectations that others have of them, but from their values.

7 They do not attach much importance to externals

Individuals who feel at peace within themselves know that the essence of people lies within. They do not attach much importance to outward appearances. This does not mean that they are not tidy. They may be able to dress and groom themselves, but their self-image is not based on how they look. Nor do they judge others by their appearance.

8 Feel and express gratitude

If you want to reach a state of love and inner peace, gratitude is the key tool that will get you there. People who feel peace within themselves have learned to be grateful for all that life gives them. They are grateful for each new day, for their loved ones, for their health, for their work challenges, even for events that do not seem important to others.

9 They take time for themselves

They realise that life is precious, that we are the ones who decide how to spend it and that our time is limited. People who feel peace within themselves realise that they can only give to others as much as they have. That is why they know that it is important to take care of their own health and well-being first and foremost. They take time for rest, for their favourite activities, for the people they love. All this makes them feel even more at peace, and sets an example for others.

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